Gretchen’s Cabbage Salad Recipe

The reason I love sharing recipes is not only because I enjoy the food, it’s also enjoying the memories of where and who they were shared with.

Last week’s Cabbage Salad episode is a perfect example of that.

My husband and I went to our dear friends, John and Gretchen’s, amazing new home, in NY, set in the gorgeous Berkshires.

It was our friend John’s birthday who happens to be the dad of one of my oldest and dearest friends Jason. Gretchen, one of my favorite people, threw her husband a fun filled birthday weekend.

Our first night there they made a beautiful dinner, the Cabbage Salad was my favorite part. (Jason, your salmon was really good too.) I also enjoyed the leftovers the next day- that’s how well this salad holds up. With our friends and family gathered around a beautifully set table the food, wine and laughs flowed.

Every time I make this salad the memories of that weekend flood back. I also build on those memories with every gathering I bring that salad to.

This got me thinking… we all want good and tasty food- you know I have to say this- and we need to keep the bulk of that food healthy and nutrient dense, but let’s not forget about the importance of feeding our souls. Whether we’re sharing a meal with one or with a larger gathering doesn’t matter, the point is sharing. Sharing our lives. Stepping out of our day and being present to who is in front of you. Creating memories.

Our lives get so busy that creating memories takes a back seat.

Summer is here… share a meal! It doesn’t have to be a big production. Just get together and be with friends and family.

When your tired and want to say no to the next BBQ… DON”T. Put yourself out there. Set an intention to fully engage and go have some fun!

It’s easy, and now you have a kick ass Cabbage Salad you can bring!

I wish you all beautiful memories!


Recipe for Gretchen’s Cabbage Salad

1/4 head Napa Cabbage

1/4 head Green Cabbage

1/2 bunch Green Onions

1/3 bunch Cilantro

1/2 cup Raw Almonds

Cut all Cabbage into 1 inch pieces

Chop up Green Onion

Coarsely chop Cilantro (Flat Parsley can be substituted)

Toast Raw Almonds (either in a toaster oven or regular oven) for 10-15 mins at 150 degrees

Break up Almonds before adding to salad


3T Rice Wine Vinegar

1/4 t Grapeseed Oil

1/2 t Sugar

1/4 t minced Garlic

1/2 t Curry

1/4 t Turmeric

1/2 t Salt



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