Book Review: Microthrills

Wendy Spero delivers a multitude of laughs with her memoir, Microthrills: True Stories from a life of Small Highs.

The uplifting tone comes from the entertaining anecdotes that Spero shares with us. Microthrills is comical, but encourages reflection, which further engages the reader. This wild and, at times, insightful nonfiction reinforces the idea of self acceptance, and encourages us all to embrace our slight neuroses. Spero writes about celebrating major and minor successes and accepting the unavoidable challenges in life. In addition, Spero reveals what it was like to grow up in front of her grandfather’s camera, giving her the ability to see how she became the person she is today. Microthrills proves to be as therapeutic as having a long, hilarious conversation with a good friend. And since laughter is the best medicine, I prescribe reading this book to anyone that gets sick of playing the starring role in their own lives. This light hearted book is bound to provide a few good laughs, making it a must read.



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About the Author: Kathryn Bratslavsky, originally from Moscow, Russia, moved to the States in 1990. She graduated from the University of Connecticut with a degree in English. Kathryn is an avid reader with a variety of favorite authors, like Gibran, Thoreau, Chekhov, Lahiri, Maupassant, Satrapi, and Tolstoy. Kathryn's mission is to provide Happiness Series visitors with an extensive compilation of HS worthy books. Her hope is that the recommended books will inspire and contribute to one's happiness.

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