Astrological Forecast for June 2012

The whole month of June is intense. Mercury (messenger of the gods) is working overtime with lots of activity in Gemini and Virgo (his signs of rulership).  Also because he is moving swiftly (traveling 47 degrees and 35 minutes during June) Mercury makes many aspects showing much “shuttle diplomacy”.  We all feel the pressure of trying to avoid abrasive, even violent, conflict.

Full Moon eclipse this week

An eclipse on June 4th increases the volume of energy being released during the month. On June 5th we have the last interior Conjunction of Venus across the face of the Sun until 2117. We have very unique circumstances in the world as there is an inevitable showdown coming between the forces of consciousness and the forces of ignorance.  This is shown by the two major squares of outer planets. The first of seven Uranus/Pluto Squares takes place on the 24th; the Square between Jupiter and Neptune happens on the 25th. Even though we are all working to get our own house in order, the needs of the group, the society, the world, and the universe seem to corral our time and attention.

The Full Moon on June 4th at 7:12 AM EDT is an Eclipse. With Venus (the planet of love and beauty) making her Retrograde passage across the face of the Sun, we should find a harmonious way of helping the world through a difficult period.  Mars (god of war) is Squaring the Sun/Moon Opposition. The forces of war and the forces of peace are both reaching a fever pitch. Reason can not contain the passions of the moment but for all of this, conversation and common sense can lighten the burden of inevitable conflict.  Be willing to keep working for a higher resolution with every disagreeable circumstance.

The New Moon is June 19th at 11:02 AM EDT. At every New Moon we have an opportunity to start over.  This month gives us an opportunity to shift our focus and raise our consciousness. Venus (goddess of love) is just days away from turning Direct so this is a magical moment for reevaluating our lives and taking a great leap forward.  We are only days away from the first of seven Uranus/Pluto Squares which forces the world into necessary change.  Jupiter and Neptune are also approaching a Square; we have great expectations and our emotions have reached a fever pitch.  Be careful to not promise more than you can deliver.

The Sun enters Cancer on June 20th at 7:09 PM EDT. A chart set for this moment shows not only events for the next month, but because it is the Summer Solstice chart, it shows events for the next three months (until the Fall Equinox). Two forces are at work in this chart; the energy of war and rebellion and the drive of reason and containment.  The more energetic force wins and we have an outbreak of unrelenting urge for freedom and change.



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