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Sheila’s Recipes: Tasty Snacks with Alvarado Street Sprouted Bread *sourdough brand only* (available at most grocery stores like Whole Foods)

Avocado Toast (as seen on How to Eat Right: Healthy Snacks episode):

1 slice of buttered toast (please use real unsalted butter)

Add a ½ to a whole avocado, sliced, on top of the toast

And when I need a little extra, I spread a thick layer of Hummus before I add the avocado. This with a Kale Smoothie makes a great lunch.

Sheila’s Pizza:

When I feel like pizza, but I don’t want the full bloated feeling that comes after eating pizza…

Heat up 1- 1 1/2 cups of Muir Glen Organics Pasta Sauce (my favorite is the “Chunky Tomato & Herb”) it tastes the closest to a good pizza sauce.

Muir Glen tomato & pasta sauces are the best

With a potato peeler, peel strips of a good hard parmesan over the warm sauce

On the side, 1 slice of toasted bread & a side of olive oil for dipping. The toast, of course, should be dipped in the sauce as well. It hits the spot, always fills me up, and takes away the pizza cravings.

Hard Boiled Egg

Always a great healthy snack! Simple, easy, pure protein. Hard boiled eggs are easy to make.

This too can be sliced & folded into a piece of bread or toast  for a quick snack on the go!

Note: It’s good to keep your daily bread intake to no more than 2 slices a day. It’s best to get fiber from all sources like legumes, fruits and vegetables.



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