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Where Would You Go & What (Or Who) Would You Do If The World Ends In 2012?

By Laura Schreffler

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The end of the world is a pretty tragic topic for a summer afternoon, I know. But after a recent lengthy discussion with friends about what we would do should the planet go pear-shaped in 2012, I had to face the facts. I wondered, if I’m living on borrowed time, where would I go? What would I do? Would I declare my love for someone? Would you?

Many people consider the 2012 phenomenon to be complete and utter bullshit, but there are too many eschatological beliefs about next year’s December 21 doom day to ignore. The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar lists this date as the final day of a 5,125 year-long cycle. A New Age interpretation suggests that we’re beginning a new and completely different era. Some think the end of the world is nigh because Earth is meant to collide with a black hole or a passing planet, Nibiru, on this date. The Mayan calendar also ends on this date; but the Mayans believe in the beginning of a new cycle, not the end of the world.

Whatever way you paint it, the day has meaning somewhere.

But for the purpose of this post, I want everyone to think about what they would do should the end come. Have you always wanted to write a book? Climb Mt. Everest? Bungy jump? Are conquering your fears important to you?

What about traveling? Where would you go? What haven’t you seen? Would you suffer the freezing cold and explore Antarctica? Would you take yourself on an African safari? Would you head to the English moors to recreate a heartbreaking love story, like Emily Bronte‘s “Wuthering Heights”?

I would go to the places I love most in the world. I’d sit on Lucy Vincent beach in the sleepy town of Chilmark on Martha’s Vineyard at dawn. I’d head to Primrose Hill in London and watch the world catch fire at sunset. I’d spend a summer night cooling down under the stars in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Sometimes there’s comfort in consistency.

I’d also like to do things and go places I haven’t been. I’d love to ogle the men in Denmark (they’re some of the most gorgeous specimens around the globe), see the Northern Lights in Alaska and discover secret beaches in Thailand. I’d sky-dive. I’d learn to square dance in Nashville. I would love to go rock-climbing in New Zealand.

If the world were to end, I’d seek out that one that got away, just to have one final look at his face and to know that — whether it was meant to be or not — that I tried. I would want to fall in love, and be someone else’s world as the one we knew came crashing down around us.

I would live my life to its fullest without regretting the mistakes I made or the things I had done. I would take chances. I wouldn’t want to sweat the small stuff, like gaining five pounds or stressing about whether the guy that wasn’t good enough for me anyway called back or not.

Even if the world does not end in 2012, I’d still like to live my life this way. Sure, it’s easy to talk a good game and make empty promises about what you would do in theory, but what if we actually took those chances, those leaps of faith? What if we weren’t afraid to fail, or to fall? I’m willing to bet that the world — should it end next year or a billion years from now — would be a much happier place.

Live & Love in the Present. Enjoy your life!



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About the Author: Laura Schreffler is a former New York Daily News columnist who left the world of celebrity behind to focus on what makes her happiest — love and travel. She is the creator of LoveTrekker.com — a website devoted to these two passions that she fondly calls “looking for love in all the right places.” In her spare time she likes to play matchmaker for her friends, dream about her next vacation and gaze at photographs of Taylor Kitsch. For more advice on love, relationships, and happiness, check out http://lovetrekker.com & her book "Internet Dating 101". And follow her here at Happiness Series with her weekly blog about finding love.

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