Astrology 101 – June 2011

Astrological Forecast for June 2011

By Bob Mulligan

Traditionally, June is a month of vacation, social activity, marriages, and a time when we just want to change speeds, do things differently and be outside more.  This year is a little different.  We will be spending more time by ourselves and completing some long standing projects.

This June has two Eclipses: the Solar Eclipse on the 1st and a Lunar Eclipse on the 15th. These powerful New and Full Moons set the tone for the next six months which will be a time of great mental reorganization.

June has a solar & lunar eclipse this month

Jupiter Sextiles Neptune on the 8th showing that our most positive and progressive qualities are getting a boost.

Saturn in Libra turns direct on the 12th indicating that we can improve our circumstances in life if we handle our affairs with others in an honorable manner.

The New Moon is a Solar Eclipse on the 1st at 5:03 PM EDT. This is a time of much nervous energy as the Eclipse takes place at the South Node of the Moon in Gemini.  Saturn (planet of stability) is Trining the Eclipse from Libra (sign of justice). This shows that we can be stable and advance in all of our projects if we are willing to fulfill our obligations.

Solar eclipse June 1

The Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse on the 15th at 4:14 PM EDT. This is a moment of cleansing as deep forces of the unconscious surface and the struggle between the given and the ideal face off against each other.  We discharge unused portions of our lives as we prepare to give our full attention to the portion of our selves we wish to manifest.  This is the moment designed for us to become honest about our real gifts.

The Summer Solstice occurs with the Sun crossing into Cancer on June 21st. The map of the heavens for this moment not only describes the day and the coming solar month, but also the temperament and events on the planet over the next three months. There is a strong emotional and idealistic quality to this period as there is an emphasis on the water signs (emotions and empathy); also the Sun (our essence) is closely Trine Neptune (higher vision of the truth). We will not be able to ignore the persistent demands of our higher consciousness. We will either work to live consciously, or retreat into fantasy.  Everyone will embark on one or the other of these paths now.



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