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Weekly Astrological Forecast June 13-19

By Bob Mulligan

From June 13th to the 19th we change speeds. Behind the causal atmosphere there are some hard choices that solidify a direction for a long period of time.  Happiness is found most in time spent alone working on personal projects or in close association with family, or the people with whom we have the closest emotional bonds. Special time is needed with basic circumstances in our living situation. Home repairs and taking care of emotional needs are what power our lives now.

13th – Monday – Frustration can build up if you take every block in the road as a personal affront.  Be willing to take even violent interruptions as a message from the cosmos.  Don’t run away from problems but we willing to take a break until the atmosphere changes for the better.  A sense of humor can keep things in perspective.

14th – Tuesday – Mars Contra-parallel Pluto, Mercury Semi-sextile Mars, Mars Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Venus Quincunx Pluto – Hard work does count for something, but it is not just raw energy and persistency that makes today work; being practical and remaining positive are the key ingredients for creating good feelings which in turn lead to right action.

15th – Wednesday – The Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse at 4:14 PM EDT – We feel the tension between our ideals and the facts as we see them in this moment.  We need to let go of all extraneous details and eliminate waste.  We must let go of the things we aren’t able to complete.

16th – Thursday – Mercury enters Cancer, Mercury Trine Neptune – Powerful feelings lift us and our imagination ignites.  We do best to stay on an even keel and avoid making any big changes.

17th – Friday – Mercury Sextile Jupiter, Venus Trine Saturn – We can see more needs than we can possibly fulfill.  Kind words do more than bold actions to motivate others.

18th – Saturday – Mercury Square Uranus – Defensive responses can stop a good project and make it impossible to get agreement even in the simplest things. Be still and take note of all the unusual events going on in the environment.

19th – Sunday – Mercury Opposite Pluto – We may feel that other people are stubborn and manipulating.  Any real progress will require finding common ground and looking beyond our fears.  Sometimes self doubt can stop us from taking on what looks like a big responsibility.  Be willing to take some risks.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on June 15




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