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Weekly Astrological Forecast June 1-5

By Bob Mulligan

Solar Eclipse on June 1

From June 1st to the 5th we cut loose from our habituated and formal approach to problem solving; we are inclined to adopt a more innovative and comprehensive style for transforming our life circumstances. Some fanciful thinking can be at play; many of the changes that can seem very profound may turn out to be much more superficial than we thought.  After many unusual twists in our path we may find out that our logic has changed, reflecting the impact of events on our inner core beliefs.

1st – Wednesday – Sun Trine Saturn, New Moon Eclipse at 5:03 PM EDT, Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto – Long distance planning and concerted effort can bring measurable results.  We are letting go of a long held belief system or a cherished thought process.  This is a moment where the whole world is taking a step forward in consciousness.

2nd – Thursday – Mercury Semi-sextile Jupiter, Mercury enters Gemini, Venus Sesquiquadrate Pluto – We experiment with new thoughts and ideas.  Anything requiring other people’s opinions and agreement can cause abrupt changes in plans.  News arrives from several directions.

3rd – Friday – Mercury Square Neptune, Neptune turns Retrograde – While it is possible to get brilliant ideas now, our attitudes and preferences may be so far removed from common sense that we get into trouble.  Check your facts and listen carefully to what is being said.

4th – Saturday – Jupiter enters Taurus, Mercury Sextile Uranus – When we act quickly on our insights we can bring about tangible results.  Knowing what to ignore is a part of wisdom.  Eliminating trivia creates more time for the truly important things, creating empty space leads to abundance.

5th – Sunday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mars Semi-square Uranus, Mercury Quincunx Pluto – Don’t let pride or anger get in the way of having an enjoyable adventure. If arguments erupt then it is best to postpone deep conversation until the mood changes.




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