Astrology for May 2018

Pluto, Saturn, and Mars in Capricorn (sign of becoming) cast a conservative atmosphere over May, right from the beginning.  Still, May contains real excitement.  Every seven years, Uranus changes signs.  This month, Uranus moves from Aries to Taurus on the 15th.  Although many things that this seven year transit portends unfold slowly through time, often some signature event happens on, or near, the date of entry into a new sign.  Expectation and frustration are the common experiences during the first half of the month. This all changes on the 15th with the New Moon at 24 Taurus, the very day Uranus enters Taurus.  Also, within hours, Mars crosses into Aquarius and immediately Squares Uranus.  Often this aspect indicates abrupt and violent discharges of energy.  So, this combination of factors would point to immediate changes, despite Taurus’s penchant for foot dragging. Now we face the inevitable.  Emily Trinkaus pointed out in her recent Mountain Astrologer article on the New Moon in Taurus“The very day that Uranus entered Aries (March 11, 2011), an earthquake and tsunami struck Japan, triggering the Fukushima nuclear disaster.”  Taurus represents the financial system, the land, and also, our personal and collective security.  Business changes. Underneath the umbrella of the Capricorn/Taurus powered changes, we have a moderating trend coming in the second half of May. A Retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio Trines Neptune in Pisces on the 25th promising hope, and also encouraging us to follow our hunches.  However, this day is likely to be a climax for attitudinal shifts we started experiencing as transiting Moon in Cancer formed a Grand Trine in water with this pair on the 18th.  Let’s face it: life will be very different from this point on.  Good news for those very fortunate few who relinquish the past.
The New Moon occurs on the 15th at 7:47 AM EDT at 24 degrees of Taurus.  This month will require energy, commitment, and courage.  With the New Moon Trining both Mars and Pluto in Capricorn, we have motivation and direction to put our efforts into practical causes.  However, Jupiter Opposing the New Moon holds a false promise: all will be ok if we just stretch beyond our comfort zone. Saturn in his own rulership, having some say in all that happens now, warns us to stay within the limits of our foundation.  Mercury (lord of thought) Conjuncts Uranus and Trines Saturn, reminding us to be disciplined and patient.  Venus and Mercury are in mutual reception and can give us the feeling that we can cheat fate through fancy footwork.  We may feel some strong impulse to take a shortcut.  Inspiration and opportunity is everywhere, but exact timing is necessary to benefit from the circumstance; waiting for things to clarify is generally better than dealing with half truths and opinions. “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth” – Jack Nicholson – A Few Good Men.
The Sun enters Gemini on the 20th at 10:14 PM EDTThis solar map has many exciting and telling features.  Venus is Sextile Uranus and their direct midpoint is on the Sun.  The Moon is Quincunx Neptune with their direct midpoint on the Sun.  Venus and the Moon are the two feminine deities and it is quite telling that they are in aspect with Uranus (lord of infinite knowledge) and Neptune (lord of infinite bliss).  We will see issues favorable to a change in the dynamic relationships between men and women.  Venus at 1 Cancer is Quincunx Mars at 1 Aquarius. Quincunxes are growth aspects.  It will take work to adjust to collective changes as they affect our personal relationships.  A certain amount of what masquerades as freedom must be sacrificed in order to have real intimacy.  Saturn at the midpoint between the Sun and Moon requires us to transform our fears into responsible actions.   The Moon is at the base of a T-square with Mercury Opposing Jupiter.  This T-square happens in fixed signs, requiring emotional movement and adjustment.  To be truly happy now, we all must surrender to the divine feminine energy within us.  This is an important set of instruction for this solar month, between now and the Summer Solstice on June 21st.
The Full Moon comes on the 29th at 10:19 AM EDT.  Saturn (lord of karma) rules everything in the chart except Neptune (lord of culture) who is in his own sign, Pisces.   Full Moons are the time of climax, and then letting go of what doesn’t fit.  With a Grand Trine in water: Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune, we are prompted by a deep reservoir of emotions.  We wish expression for these feelings; however, with Venus Opposite Saturn, we may be too fearful to bring our true impulses to the surface.  With Mercury on the 29th degree of Taurus, Trining Mars on the South Node of the Moon in Aquarius, we find the strength and courage to say and do what is necessary.  It’s important that we just get going.  If we can get our body moving, thoughts and words will come on their own.

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