Weekly Astrology for May 8-14, 2017

From May 8th to the 14th nervous energy can dilute the effectiveness of our efforts this week.  What does being practical really mean?  Can we focus on material success without relinquishing our true values?  Amidst the rapidly changing circumstances, we need to make time to sort through our own past.

8thMonday –  Trying to please everyone can mean that conflicting interests create chaos.  If we are observant though, we can see the connecting threads of many different lines of thought.  Inspiration can emerge from a confusing mix of contradictory facts.
9thTuesday – Sun Trine Pluto –  Changes we make today will be energized.  On the other hand, if we stubbornly cling to our preconceived picture of truth, we will find the force of character to mark our territory and defend it.  Both inner and outer progress comes by being true to our own perceptions.
10thWednesday – Mercury Conjunct Uranus, the Full Moon is at 5:44 PM EDT on the 20th degree of Taurus/Scorpio –  We do ourselves a favor by bringing things we have been working on to their logical end.  A minimalist perspective on life can reveal what is truly important.  This can be a brilliant conclusion to a very thought-provoking period.
11thThursday – Mars Square Neptune, Mercury Trine Saturn –  Matters of the heart can be confusing, but if we stay with a disciplined line of thought, we can see a way through controversy and find peace.  When we feel indecisive, staying put is probably better than acting.
12th Friday – Mars Trine Jupiter –  Whimsical bursts of enthusiasm can lead us toward a day of joy.  Being really sensitive to other people’s needs can help us obtain harmony at a moment when blind emotions can add to stress.  Listening to others can help us escape the trap of our own convictions.
13thSaturdayThere is a real trick to being able to convey our ideas, whether through writing them down, or sharing them in conversation.  In order to be free enough to explore new ways of thinking and interacting, we must relinquish all expectations that others will understand us.  A negative mood can stop us from having the adventure that we could really be having.  We need to keep the fires of excitement burning.
14thSunday –  Mercury Semi-square Neptune –  When we stay focused on the most practical aspects of our current situation, good things happen.  There is a serious cast to the moment but that doesn’t have to mean dower.  By keeping plans simple, we are able to accomplish much in a short period of time.

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