Weekly Astrology for May 15-21, 2017

From May 15th to the 21st pleasant feelings and a sense of security can help us get much needed rest.  It’s time to enjoy life and to concentrate on the special people in our lives.  Doing too much of a good thing can spell trouble.  Learning to relax and be satisfied is the path to joy.

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15thMonday –  Mercury enters Taurus – The equation changes.  We try to gather momentum for a new direction but there are still a few lingering ingredients from our old life that must be  folded into our plans.  We have to start at the beginning and take one step at a time.
16thTuesday – Sun Semi-sextile Uranus – Taking a few steps away from our normal habits can help us resurrect activities that have been useful in the past.  We are trying to figure out what is really valuable to us in the long run.  This rumination may take several weeks.
17thWednesday –  Sun Quincunx Saturn, Jupiter Quincunx Neptune –  Timing can mean the difference between feeling good with what we have accomplished, or just feeling disappointed and overwhelmed.  We need to see what is most important, do this first, then see what time and energy we have left.  We see much that we can’t do anything about; prudence can prevent overextension.  We continue long-range planning.
18thThursday – Venus Contra-parallel Jupiter –  Confusion lifts when we clarify what we really want from other people.   Take the high road and the day is easy and fun.  Our natural desire to be free seems to express itself through all current activities.
19thFriday –  Saturn Trine Uranus, Mars Quincunx Pluto, Venus Opposite Jupiter, Sun Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Venus Semi-sextile Neptune, Mercury Parallel Uranus –  Thoughts revolving around past events have a way of working their way back into the present moment.  With effort, we can reconstitute a picture of ourselves, our lives, and our pattern of relationships.
20thSaturday –  Sun Semi-square Venus, Sun enters Gemini –  Making a good impression is generally a desirable thing.  At this moment we need to see whether putting our “best foot forward” is an accurate picture of who we are.  Our search for authenticity demands that our persona must actually reflect some inner quality.
21stSunday – Mercury Semi-square Mars –  Sometimes a “kick in the rear” is necessary to get us moving.  Even though interactions can be edgy, there is a creative and artistic aspect of all events coming into our lives.  We are blessed when we can see this.

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