Weekly Forecast May 6-12

From May 6th to the 12th is a time we are mentally stimulated yet we experience conflict.  If we share thoughts with the most important people in our lives then a healthy dialogue emerges.  We will change focus several times as many areas of life are up for re-appraisal.

6th – Monday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mercury Semi-sextile Uranus – Nervous impulses can move us off our well trod path and in the midst of frustration something new can happen.  Be receptive to unusual information, it may be useful later on.

7th – Tuesday – Mercury Trine Pluto, Mercury Conjunct Mars – Translating thoughts into action is a necessary step in order to feel productive and in tune with our destiny.  The prompting toward intelligent action is impossible to ignore.

8th – Wednesday – Venus Contra-parallel Pluto, Mercury Parallel Mars –We take steps to improve our relationships.  One step does not necessarily open a new engagement or even to a new method of connecting.  Sometimes we have to make a gesture, and then wait for others to catch up.

9th – Thursday – Venus enters Gemini, Sun Semi-sextile Jupiter, the New Moon is at 19 degrees of Taurus at 8:28 PM EDT – Our impatience with the status quo can lead us into making silly decisions.  Harnessing our intentions to the energy of the moment can mean waiting for the right time to act.  Now is the time to be still.

10th – Friday – Mercury Semi-sextile Jupiter – Even though practical decisions seem to rule the day, spontaneous generosity builds good will and helps lift our attention beyond the mundane.  There are good people in our immediate neighborhood and we don’t have to journey any distance to find new resources.

11th – Saturday – Sun Parallel Mercury, Sun Conjunct Mercury – We may feel that we are in a mental rut and a change is eminent and necessary.  Responding successfully to this situation requires recognizing genuine opportunity then acting.  Separating really unique offerings from fantasy as well as out and out scams requires both self knowledge and faith.

12th – Sunday – An optimistic atmosphere helps us overcome the daily sludge.  Baby steps are more likely to be useful than bold leaps into the unknown.




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