Weekly Forecast May 1-5

From May 1st to the 5th we switch speeds several times as we try to adjust to a new tempo. The world is changing and we want to blend in with the culture. It is easy to feel alienated now but finding common ground with others through shared ideals is a way to stay buoyant.

Sky with Jupiter & her moon

1st – Wednesday – Mars Opposite Saturn, Mercury enters Taurus, Sun Trine Pluto, Mercury Contra-parallel Neptune – Both slowing down and changing directions are necessary today.  We do best when we keep our eye on the immediate practical outcome for our efforts.

2nd – Thursday – Mercury Semi-square Jupiter – We have our responsibilities in front of us but there is the call of distant shores stimulating our thoughts.  Sequencing our actions into small single steps allows us to make progress.

3rd – Friday – Mercury Contra-parallel Saturn, Mercury Sextile Neptune – Tall buildings can only be built on firm foundations.  We have to return to our most basic procedures in order to make sure the road ahead will be smooth.

4th – Saturday – Mars Semi-square Uranus – We need to change gears in order to move to a new level of expression.  Our initial impulse is to experiment with new methods in order to gain greater freedom of movement.  The path is not so stable and we are happiest if we are able to embrace the interruptions and live with uncertainty.

5th – Sunday – Mercury Opposite Saturn, Mars Trine Pluto, Venus Semi-square Uranus – As one avenue forward seems to evaporate another path appears.  Just because the old ways seem to be ineffective doesn’t mean they should be discarded.  Patience and a little re-organization is all that is needed.




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