Astrology for May 2013

This whole month is under two opposite influences.  We are being forced to wait and also being encouraged to speed up. With both a Solar and Lunar Eclipse the energy is intense all month.  Uranus and Pluto are making their third Square.  At the same time we find Jupiter and Saturn making a Sesquiquadrate.  The gods of nature are in a struggle with each other and we are caught in the middle.  At the same time Venus (goddess of love) makes many aspects as she flies through Taurus and Gemini; Mercury (god of reason) is also moving at a very fast pace; both planets connect with Jupiter (king of the gods) in the sign Gemini (sign of communication). So, under the radar of the more striking national and international events, we are able to bring some balance to the mind and the emotions.  The big problems remain a mystery but we are able to reconcile people, circumstances, and our own inner struggles.  The real revolution begins with our own personal consciousness.

May Constellations

The New Moon is a Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees of Taurus on May 9th at 8:28 PM EDT. With half of the planets in earth signs the emphasis now is on our possessions.  Also, we concentrate on getting practical results, and look to achieve things along a well worn path.  However, there is great pressure on us to surrender the ordinary; to get things out of our way, and to clear the debris from our lives so that we can grow.  Eclipses are a time of getting our dials reset.  This is a moment where Mother Earth realigns herself and all of us with her as well.

The Sun enters Gemini May 20th at 5:10 PM EDT. The map for this solar month has five planets in air signs with the Sun Trining the Moon showing our desire for harmony. Venus and Mercury are together and both Sextile Uranus indicating thatwe use our reasoning process to overcome obstacles; pioneering insight helps us align with the larger cosmic destiny.  Relationships tend to be more lighthearted; there is fun in our future.  Even as a storm is brewing around us, our personal lives contain some luck and goodness.  Uranus Squares Pluto for the third time right at this moment demonstrating that the revolution is alive and well.  Traditional structures are continually challenged and the world stays in turbulence as a new culture is being born.

The Full Moon Eclipse is on May 25th at 4 degrees Sagittarius at 12:25 AM EDT.  The Sun and Moon are Square to Neptune (god of illusion).  Full Moons are the time to revise or eliminate what can’t be completed.  Lunar Eclipses are the moments when this is strongest and most effective.  Neptune now encourages us to review one scenario after another about our own personal future.  The good news is that seeing the results beforehand allows us to switch channels in our thinking and design a new future without having to go through a series of protracted mistakes.  Sometimes the road to happiness is through renunciation; we find that by giving things away, we truly own them.



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