Buddy Cups – Fun Way to Date or Stalker Steins?

Buddy Cups: A Fun New Way To Date Or Stalker Central?

Becoming Facebook friends with someone is now as easy as one, two, three – CHEERS! – thanks to a new invention from Budweiser called the “Buddy Cup.” But is that a good thing?

Here’s how it works:  the beer company’s Brazilian branch invented these digitalized dating tools using a “bump sensor” chip that directly connects to your Facebook account. A QR code on the bottom of the cup syncs up with the Budweiser app, which automatically links to your page. Any time you cheers someone else, voila! You’re FB friends 4-eva (or until you decide to delete the other person, that is. Whichever comes first).

On one hand, it’s a brilliant marketing strategy. Drink Bud, get a Buddy Cup and that random stranger you met at a bar suddenly doesn’t have to be a stranger! On the other hand, well, it’s a little weird. A little voyeuristic. A little creepy (OK, a lot creepy). Randoms who tap your glass accidentally will suddenly be privy to all of your important information until you get around to an actual desktop and can filter or delete.

Stephen Colbert actually called these puppies “Stalker Steins”, and I’m inclined to agree. I wouldn’t want anyone I didn’t know knowing my business, even if he was cute (and even if I wasn’t taken).

If you disagree and think they’re harmless, well, power to you. But just be aware that when you give a stranger access to your life, you could be in for trouble.  Especially when alcohol is involved.

But that’s me. You should do whatever makes YOU comfortable, whatever makes you happy.

What are your thoughts? Are Buddy Cups kitschy or just plain creepy?



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