Weekly Forecast May 28-31

From May 28th to the 31st we can only go beyond our limitations when we examine them and understand their purpose and function.  Ideas are plentiful but time and energy are more restricted. Plan and be patient.

Mercury goes into Virgo this week

28th – Monday – Mercury Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mercury Quincunx Pluto, Sun Sextile Uranus – Even though we may be surrounded by people who are excessively pessimistic, we can be a light in the dark world and inspire others to try again, even when the odds of success don’t look great. A fresh approach will bring different results.

29th – Tuesday – Sun Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun Quincunx Pluto – This can be a moment of endings. We are finishing projects that have been long in the works.  Taking care of details is important.

30th – Wednesday – Mercury Square Mars – Angry words and explosive feelings can cause problems. We are much better off  writing our thoughts down and then waiting a few days to decide if we want to share them with anyone.

31st – Thursday – Energy and time seem to be measured and in short supply.  So much can be accomplished if we don’t waste any time on situations that will not affect the final outcome.  A few well placed and deserved compliments can help the day progress smoothly.



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