Get Healthy & Fit

How to get Healthy & Fit
By Kathleen Raines

Can you REALLY “Visualize your way to a Healthfit body?” Could it be THAT easy? Visualize: To form a visual image of something in the mind.
Forming an image in your mind does not sound like it would be too hard, does it? The visualization techniques described here simply use your mind and imagination to guide you towards the health and fitness goals you desire.

Visualizing is something we already do, we just don’t realize it. All day long we picture (visualize) our next chore, the next errand and our future projects. When we are forming a visual image of something in our mind, we are visualizing.

Try this: Close your eyes and see yourself walking up to the front door of your home. Unlock and open the door, walk inside and put down your keys. You have just visualized yourself in action.

Now let’s take your new visualization skills and apply them to your weight. Decide what would be a healthy weight for you, then close your eyes and see yourself stepping on a scale. Picture the numbers on the scale reading as the perfect weight for you. Say that number out loud. Feel the excitement of being at the weight you desire.  Close your eyes and do this a few times until it feels comfortable.

Next, let’s start visualizing yourself eating healthy. Before you close your eyes, choose one meal that may be hard for you to eat healthy every day. Is that meal breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks?  It doesn’t matter if you have never actually eaten the food you are picturing. When you close your eyes, see yourself eating and enjoying this delicious and healthy meal or snack. Feel proud of yourself for choosing this food. Repeat this exercise until you close your eyes and see the meal easily.
Another great example of visualizing may be applied to exercise. Let’s say you want to begin an exercise program, but can’t find the time. At this moment, imagine finding the time. Are your workouts going to be early morning or is it off to the gym after work? Before you close your eyes to visualize, think about the place where you will be exercising. When you close your eyes, see yourself arriving at the exercise location and looking at the time on your watch. Is it morning or evening? Picture yourself working out.

Finally, you might be asking yourself how your new visualization techniques get you from Point A (not exercising, not eating right, frustrated with your weight) to Point B (exercising on a regular basis, consistently eating healthy, at the weight you desire to be).  Before you read this and practiced the visualization exercises, you might have thought eating healthy and working out on a regular basis was too big of a challenge or impossible. But then you actually pictured yourself eating healthy foods in place of a meal you sometimes struggled with eating healthy.  You visualized yourself exercising when before you thought there wasn’t any time to do it. You just saw yourself at the ideal weight. Now you can see a healthy, fit lifestyle is a possibility for you. It has to be a possibility because you just saw yourself doing it-right?! What visualizing does best is to help us to see we can do something before we physically do it. Once you SEE yourself doing it, your fitness and health will rise to a new level.


Everything we do is first a thought, then an action. EVERYTHING. Think about it. Driving to work is first a thought, then an action. Going to the grocery store is first a thought, then an action. We just don’t realize we are doing this because it is automatic. So, now that you have this knowledge, use the great tools of visualization to your advantage!!

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”  Henry Ford
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