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Wear it Out Again

By Aqua Catlin

Do these pants make my butt look small?

Flares and wide leg are back.  As predicted here: the reign of the skinny jean is challenged! Opposites to a trend becoming the trend, that’s fashion. And thank goodness for the refreshing change ups.

I’m not saying this is my favorite silhouette…


…But its fun and refreshing to wear and see something new… old, but new again.  I remember the devastation of my brother and me as our Mum proudly flaunted her 70s “bell bottoms” in the 90s… in small town Australia. Don’t know if you’ve ever been there but often in such an environment, folks take pride in keeping up.  Not so her, but it turns out she was so far behind, she was ahead! Cutting edge? Ok. They’ve since been revived twice, maybe more and now I’ll take my turn.

Reminds me of a quote by Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous.  Speaking with disgust about the silly cycles of fashion, she spits out:

"You get your clothes back from the dry cleaner and its a REVIVAL"

Want to have fun with flares but not commit?  Me too. Gap has options for under a hundred.  Did you groan? I know many who feel Gap never looks good on them.  But they claim they’ve re-sized everything to work for the human body now and maybe, its true.  Dibs on white for me but here’s their abundant variety.

I gotta admit, this is not my favorite but if you are a 7FAM girl and have always wanted to look like Gumby’s cowgirl cousin, maybe you’ll find a way to make this bow-legged pair work.  Its less than $200 so you can still afford some boots and spurrs!

Horse riding, anyone?

Love Derek Lam and never met a greenback you couldn’t part with?  Pop down to Barney’s and tell us if and how this is different from any other pair?

$550 of flare flair

And as we know, everyone will have their version.  Except, strangely, Levi’s can’t seem to bring themselves to go through with it.  Their versions feel more like apologetic bootcut: Sorry we’re so wide, we will try not to do it again.

But as always, authentic flare comes from:  The back of Mum’s closet (or in the case of my Mum, possibly her laundry basket).  And vintage stores.  And, less cool but equally promising any old Op Shop.

And that would probably be a good source for colored flares.  Still hunting for these, and I feel that a bright would help distract from the disturbing silhouette, (and elongating heels).  I have only seen blues, black, white and this dreadful neutral from Guess: Why bother?

Clearly, I’m not passionate about flares but moving on to wide leg jumpsuits – I am jumping for joy!   Look at this fun piece by French Connection for Sears.  I can see I will have to become more familiar with Sears as I may have underestimated it.

UK Style by French Connection

Pretty swish! From DinoDirect.

The garden bbq, the brunch and the humid nights, summer is going to be fun!



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About the Author: Aqua, (yes, its her real name), Catlin is an Aussie-American Costume Designer and Wardrobe Supervisor as well as Stylist. She’s costumed Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah, Billy Baldwin and Arye Gross among others, has worked with models, musicians, playmates and in various roles Serena Williams and Oprah Winfrey. Aqua’s work is considered, on budget, on time and adds production value and a friendly on-set face! You’ll be glad you trusted your project to Aqua. Questions? Great! Contact us here: E-mail [email protected]

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