Weekly Astrology April 16-22, 2018

From April 16th to the 22nd our enthusiasm, and everyone else’s, is difficult to contain, the key is to channel our energy into something productive.  An underlying nervousness can lead us afield.  It’s ok; we don’t need to understand everything before advancing.  Talk less and act more.

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This Hubble Space Telescope image of barred spiral galaxy NGC 4921 that lies 320 million light.

16th – Monday –  Mercury Semi-square Venus, Sun Parallel Uranus –  Just when we think things can’t get any more complex, several other factors enter our lives.  Even though there is a carefree vibration in the air, we are best off cultivating a “wait and see” attitude.  It is a time to choose; if we select things favoring our long term betterment, we will be immediately rewarded.
17th – Tuesday – Venus Opposite Jupiter, Venus Trine Pluto, Saturn turns Retrograde –  This is a moment ripe for consolidation; there will be many who continue forward, not taking stock of where they have been.  To be content with what we have is a virtue; there will be a time to explore the far reaches of the rest of the universe shortly.  It is best to take a breather now.
18th – Wednesday –  Sun Conjunct Uranus –  Sitting still isn’t an option; running in place or in circles doesn’t benefit us much.  How to progress meaningfully?  Being conscious, we will make use of new information coming from friends and the collective will of those around us.
19th – Thursday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Jupiter –  Intermittent support from others can seem like no help at all, but if we are diligent in separating facts from fear, we can use these circumstances to take a great leap forward.  Brilliant ideas can emerge; we need sensitivity to the real insight being offered now, even when others let them go unrecognized.
20th – Friday –  Sun Semi-square Neptune –  Escape into an artistic world may be a good way of going with the momentum of the culture.  When we talk to people, or listen to the news, we may feel that the world is split into opposing factions.  However, from a higher perspective, everything fits together in one big symphony; our job is to hold onto the hand of this higher truth.
21st – Saturday –  A wave of ideas pointing to the past turns on itself.  At the same time, there is genuine clarity coming through our emotional lens.  We grow in spirit by holding a truly empathic view of others.  For all the turbulence, there is still an unmistakable current of purity uniting us all.
22nd – Sunday –  Pluto turns Retrograde –  Decisions regarding our ultimate worth come to us as we see what to hang onto and what to discard.  To push for change can be good, but we need to be careful that we don’t surrender our real needs for a short term gain.  We are restructuring our own inner boundaries.  With some skill and effort, we can develop a new closeness to others we care about, as well as learn to show concern for those outside of our immediate circle.

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