Weekly Astrology April 1-8, 2018

From April 1st to the 8th we move forward with many areas of our lives by making massive mental corrections. Editing our current work is favored. This is a great week for looking over our past, while also charting our future.  Our own internal conflicts can be at the root of arguments that develop.  A little restraint and common sense goes a long way in leading us to knowledge.

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1st – Sunday – Sun Conjunct Mercury –  For the universe, this is the beginning of a new mental cycle.  If we are valiant, it is possible to discard tons of unneeded and un-useful garbage from our lives.  This whole month is preparation to live a new life.
2nd – Monday –  Mars Conjunct Saturn, Mercury Contra-parallel Neptune –  Flights of fancy can take us away from our mark.  Getting the right rhythm with our work and our everyday chores allows us to make the day enjoyable as well as productive.
3rd – Tuesday –  If we have gratitude for the gifts of life, we receive more of them.  Most difficulties come from internal friction; life smoothes out if we can welcome corrections, regardless of the source.
4th – Wednesday –  Sun Parallel Mercury, Sun Semi-sextile Neptune –   Coming up with a new idea may not be as problematic as it seems.  Talking to people can prompt the flow of important information.  Changing our minds about something immediate and crucial is ok if we are speaking to others from our heart.
5th – Thursday –  Mercury Square Saturn –  Accepting the inevitable is a blessing;  Imagined limits can disappear if we become empirical.  We need to put our thoughts into action and see what happens.  We may need to change our thinking as well as  alter our actions; in both cases we learn more and achieve a modicum of inner congruence.
6th – Friday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Venus, Sun Contra-parallel Neptune –  Although we may feel a wave of compassion, the main question is: can we overcome self-interest long enough to do some good for everyone else?  Focusing our attention on what we personally possess, we recognize what we can share from this inner fountain of abundance; this is a powerful heuristic device for self-mastery.
7th – Saturday – Venus Trine Saturn –  Commonsense and practical planning can take us on an adventure of realistic self-discovery.  A steady hand on practical matters allows us to explore our wildest idealistic fantasies, and still be home for dinner.
8th – Sunday –  Mercury Sesquiquadrate Jupiter –  Flashes of insight can reveal new paths hereto unexplored.   This can be laying the groundwork for a future adventure, rather than just supplying practical answers to our current situation.  Finding balance is not so easy.  Too much activity leads to exhaustion; too much holding back from the excitement leaves us poorer for the missed opportunities.  Balance!

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