“Are You Fully Charged?” A Book Review

Are you fully charged book cover

Having read Eat Move Sleep, I was pleased to receive an advance copy of Tom Rath’s latest non-fiction book, Are You Fully Charged? The Three Keys to Energizing Your Work and Life (specifically geared towards the business-minded self-help reader on meaning, interactions, and energy). And, I’m enjoying the read. Rath keeps it simple, lays out the principles, explains how to feel better, more “fully charged” in day-to-day life. Rath backs up his claims with the latest research from health, psychology, and economics, and he focuses on simple changes all of us can make to create better lives. My favorite tip is his advice to work with purpose, meaning doing work that benefits others. Keeping that simple bit in mind can make for a more productive, more interesting day. Are You Fully Charged? encourages us to create meaning in our work, in our lives instead of pursuing some nebulous idea of happiness. As with Eat Move Sleep, eat better, move your body, sleep more, the advice in Are You Fully Charged? is basic, feel better by doing good, give your life meaning. It’s a quick read, and one worth your time. 


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About the Author: Tania Van Pelt is the creator of Happiness Series. She is a writer and content creator, working in film, tv, and online. She wrote the popular lifestyle book "Ageless Diet," published in late 2015. And she is currently working on her next book. She also developed a sitcom pilot set in the restaurant business called "Employees Only TV" and is developing another web series comedy about Denver.

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