Weekly Forecast April 8-14

From April 8th to the 14th clarifying vision and beliefs may take some extra work but it is worth the effort. New insights and methods emerge out of unlikely conversations.Be ready for an unexpected turn of events.

The Hamburger Galaxy

8th – Monday – Sun Parallel Venus, Sun Semi-square Neptune – We are in a hurry to make our relationships everything we think they should be. Some things take time to work out and we must be careful that we don’t damage our ideals by trying to rush everything.

9th – Tuesday – With some effort and a little luck we are able to spark a new romance or fill in the blanks for our current primary relationship. The electric twist of love in the air adds sparkle to everything we do today.

10th – Wednesday – Mercury Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Venus Parallel Mars – The New Moon is at 5:36 AM EDT at 20 degrees of Aries – Hard work and unbelievable luck allows us to find common ground where it looks like there was none.  The whole world gets a chance to recalibrate. But, what doesn’t bring harmony will certainly bring conflict as the middle ground disappears.

11th – Thursday – Try as we might, it is hard to keep our spirits light. It is important to remember that “life is very short and there is no time for fussing and fight”. Commit to being part of the solution.

12th – Friday – Pluto turns Retrograde, Mercury Contra-parallel Uranus, Sun Parallel Mars, Saturn Quincunx Uranus – When we push too hard we only push people away. If we take the time to dive deep into our own internal life, we discover what is really important.

13th – Saturday – Mercury enters Aries – Clarity of thought gives us the gift of making common sense decisions quickly and then moving forward with great efficiency. Conversation is good but too many options means nothing happens. Keep everything moving forward.

14th – Sunday – Venus Semi-square Jupiter, Venus Contra-parallel Neptune – We feel lucky and genuinely are very fortunate.  However, to be worthy of our good fortune, we need to think of others and share our abundance. Be prepared to live from your highest ideal and believe and let go of every thought that tells you otherwise.




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