Weekly Forecast April 22-30

From April 22nd to the 30th there are so many stops and starts that it is hard to get a consistent rhythm. This can lead to misunderstandings. Passions are high but somewhat directionless.

22nd – Monday – Venus Opposite Saturn, Mercury Parallel Uranus, Mars Contra-parallel Saturn – Constant nagging of our past actions may pull us back into activities that we judge as half-done. Finish them up as quickly as possible so that we are able to implement our bevy of new insights.

23rd – Tuesday – Venus Semi-sextile Uranus, Mercury Sextile Jupiter – The world is alive, fresh, and full of excitement.  Despite setback and disappointments, the general tenor is optimistic, progressive, and experimental. Make new friends and share ideas.

24th – Wednesday – Venus Trine Pluto, Sun Sextile Neptune – Don’t be afraid to put your whole heart into your current activities.  Common concerns seem to be elevated to a higher manifestation while still being grounded in practicalities.

25th – Thursday – The Full Moon is at 5 degrees at Taurus/Scorpio at 3:58 PM EDT – We may need to release some of our past in order to really embrace the future. There is a strong spiritual atmosphere today. Meditation can be especially fulfilling as the energy has reached a fever pitch; all we need to do is reach out for it.

26th – Friday –Mercury Semi-square Neptune, Mars Sextile Neptune – Confusion disappears as we put our ideals into action.  Motion cures the worry. We are moving into a new dimension of thought and expression.

27th – Saturday – What do we have that is ultimately built to last?  We are deciding what stays and what goes. This is a very important moment in all our lives. We have all changed as our culture has evolved.

28th – Sunday – Sun Opposite Saturn, Venus Semi-sextile Jupiter – There is no substitute for patience; we are sometimes stopped from doing things that would have hurt us. Take time to indulge people in your personal life.

29th – Monday – A steady hand on our schedule and real determination makes this a beautiful day. Speed isn’t important but movement is. Staying on task with the predetermined plan paves the way for a later harvest cycle.

30th – Tuesday – Sun Semi-sextile Uranus – More is revealed than can be grasped. It is a visionary time and we are able to share our feelings with others in an uplifting manner. Aim for clarity before commitment.



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About the Author: Bob Mulligan, an astrologer with clients and students all over the world, is a celebrated astrologer, since 1974. Bob sees clients and operates THE MASTERY OF ASTROLOGY™ correspondence school. Both his chart interpretation program INDRA, and book, “BETWEEN ASTROLOGERS AND CLIENTS” receive praises. He is available for personal appointments, astrology classes, and astrological material. Call him at 239-261-2840 or by e-mail [email protected] Visit his web site, http://theastrologycompany.com. Bob writes an astrological forecast for the day, week, and month for Happiness Series.

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