April 2013

The whole month of April is a time for consolidating our gains.  The last few months have been hectic beyond belief.  Even though Aries is the sign of new beginnings, we are working with what is already in motion. With Venus and Mars in Aries and both switching to Taurus later in the month, we will find our romantic endeavors to be forceful at the beginning, but then gradually settling down from the middle until we are mostly sedentary by the end.  Mars (god of war) is active all month so we are inevitably prompted to move forward.

The New Moon is at 20 degrees of Aries on April 10th at 5:36 AM EDT.  With Uranus in Aries and the New Moon Conjunct Mars and Venus (the male and female planets) we are off to a month that promises romance and sparks and well as innovation and adventure. We may feel split much of the time as our emotions pick up “ahead of steam,” but our cognitive facilities may be in a visionary (Mercury in Pisces) and fearful pattern (Saturn Sesquiquadrate from Scorpio). Some things are past their prime and others are not yet mature. Small tangible gains are made all month but it is really a time for planning.

Sun enters Taurus on April 19th at 6:04 PM EDT showing the emphasis this month will be on harnessing our overactive intellect to practical issues. With Venus (goddess of love) Opposite Saturn (lord of limitation) we can feel rejected even when everything is really fine.  With Mercury (planet of cognition) Conjunct Uranus (god of infinite wisdom) our mind is perpetually restless, and with Mars (god of war) rising before the Sun, people are definitely in the mood to put their thoughts into action, all month.

The April 25th Full Moon is an Eclipse occurring at 3:58 PM EDT at 5 degrees of Taurus/Scorpio. It is a time of finishing up some long standing project. We need to let go of what we can’t complete. This is one of the most important times this year to meditate as it is both an Eclipse and also the Wesak Festival. This is the time that the Buddha returns to earth to give us a giant push forward. It happens every year with the Sun in Taurus Opposing the Moon in Scorpio. This is the time that the Buddha was born, obtained his enlightenment, and left his physical form. With Saturn (lord of karma) Conjunct the Moon and Opposing the Sun, the principle of what must be done is upon us. With Jupiter (lord of abundance) Sextile both Mercury and Uranus, we can still innovate while we gain deep insight.



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