Weekly Forecast: April 1-8

From April 1st to the 8th changing circumstances in key relationships bring opportunity but also some difficulties as we deal with our own dissatisfactions and other people’s unreliability. The world gets smaller; we find ourselves affected by other people’s moods and attitudes.  Choose friends wisely.

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1st – Sunday – An aura of optimism leads us into April.  For no particular reason, people seem happier and more buoyant.  The attitude is correct as long as our expectations are not out of step with actual occurrences in our lives.

2nd – Monday – Sun Semi-sextile Jupiter – We have confidence and are assured success if we keep our attention focused on cleaning up difficulties from the past.  Now is a time of integration.

3rd – Tuesday – Venus enters Gemini – We change our minds about some important matters.  Our impulses can push us into agreements and circumstances that are difficult for us to maintain.  Our imagination may be unlimited but our current resources are not. Diversification can help us learn but also adds to confusion; we need to remember our immediate goals.

4th – Wednesday – Mercury turns Direct – There are many things happening that are beyond our ability to influence.  Relax and remain focused on the big picture.

5th – Thursday – Venus Square Neptune – There is an underlying nervousness to the day.  We experience difficulties trying to get our vision of beauty and perfection to match our circumstances. Others may not be able to understand our insights; this can be an opportunity to complete something in solitude.

6th – Friday – Sun Semi-square Neptune, the Full Moon – Relationships in both our personal and professional lives can cause us inner conflict as we can be easily led into trying to accomplish two things at once; it is best to focus on one goal at a time.

7th – Saturday – Venus Square Mars – We can suffer from being momentarily distracted from our key relationships as new desires surface.  Be very careful in speaking and writing as our words can come back later with unintended consequences.

8th – Sunday – Sun Sesquiquadrate Mars, Sun Contra-parallel Saturn – Be careful that your impulses and fears don’t sidetrack you.  We move forward with tremendous energy; progress comes by using our common sense and remaining brave in the face of adversity.




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