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Louboutin Lovers…

By Zaira Zafra

We have within our midst some Louboutin lovers. They love his designs, his red soles, his whimsy with the high heel shoe.

His Fall 2011 collection… HAAAAARUMPH!

I don’t know what to think. Help me out here!

The Fifi leopard sequin pump –these are just tooooooo damn much. These shoes belong to Jackee on 227, or for real, they belong in Baker’s shoe store, for 29.99. The sequins will fall off. It’s leopard print sequined shoes… these are like the worst of the worst of church shoes in the hood. WHOOSH.

This next shoe tried to destroy me and give me rabies. When a shoe carries the threat of an animal disease, you can’t be cool about it. I’m all for taking shoes to the next level, playing with animal print and what have you, but … yo no se, mamis. This shoe deserves such a side-eye I may never be able to look straight again. The shoe is ridiculous. It’s ridonkulous and possibly reclit0rus (yes I wrote that!). This shoe is for that secksy Cowardly Lion costume you’ve been dying to wear all year for Halloween. I don’t like a shoe to look like it should be a leg of a tub.

This shoe actually makes me feel some kind of way, because it’s ridic, it’s over the top, I think it has snakeskin, lace AND fur… and they are a horror and a delight. A Horlight. They are the bastard child of Sheila E’s shoes and the Howling with a bit of Anaconda thrown in. Too much is going onbut the too much is making me laugh… I just can’t with this ish… and it has spikes.

Do you get the feeling that Louboutin was drunk when he created these joints, or high on meth, just took the scraps and said eff it?


This shoe is hot. Nuff Said. Makes me want to kick someone. Properly.

This shoe… you know what? This shoe is making me really question what’s going on in House Louboutin. THEY’RE UGLY! They are straightuglyIdon’tcarewhatyousaythemsisbusted! I had to make that one word because these shoes (except for the black spiked elegant deadly beauty of the shoe above) are just plain BUSTED! What the hell is going on!?!?!





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