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Good Outfit/Bad Outfit

By Zaira Zafra

I REALLY like Kate Winslet. Like for real. I like her face and her whole look.

She pleases me.

I am also pleased by this dress – it is secksy, classy, fits well. I would like to wear a dress like this too.

What say you about the dress? – it is Stella McCartney. Also, look at her stance! I’m loving everything about this look, except for her lipstick. I’ve never been a fan of beige lips.

So, Giraffe’s ads.. ahem! Excuse me! Gisele’s ads are too racy for Dubai, so they added digitally added a T-shirt. I wish they digitally added a burqa because this jumpsuit is killing me and should have a fatwa against it. If I see some chick wearing this on the street, I’m immediately going to hand her a can of paint, and I’m yelling GET TO WORK! Looking like a Mama’s Family tablecloth looking for a house painter to save it.


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