Lights, Camera… Happiness

Instant Gratification

By Lauren Harper

You know when you’re told: “Hey man, that’s wet paint, I wouldn’t touch that if I were you,” or “Ew! That tastes god awful, I wouldn’t try it,” or don’t we all love this classic: “I wouldn’t do that if I were you?”

You know what I mean…

Now think about it and I dare you to tell me that you actually listen to that person, sign, or thing.

Exactly. You DON’T! You touch that wet paint to make sure the person or sign is not lying. You sure as heck try that food that tastes oh-so-bad to see if it truly tastes like a nightmare. Also, that “thing” the person tells you not to do??? Most likely you’re doing it now.

Voila! The term: instant gratification. What I am getting at is the art of gratifying yourself instantly, which in turn, creates happiness and a quick smile. Right now, it should make its way into your personal dictionary and be acted upon at all times.

This, however, is not to be confused with decisions based off of poor impulse control or reckless behavior. It’s simply doing what YOU want to do at that moment despite what others tell you … so just do it! At least NIKE will always have your back.

Here is the instant gratification version:

“Oh yeah? The food DOES taste bad because I TRIED it. Now I know never to eat it again but I’m glad I did it!”

“You know what? The paint IS wet, good to know but I’m glad I did it because what if it was DRY!”

“I DID do that ‘thing’ you didn’t want me to do and it was FUN, sorry you missed out!”

Super exciting, right?! I want you to know that it’s OK to march to the beat of your own drummer. Here in Hollywood as an actress and regular human being, it has been proven easier to blend in with the crowd and do what everyone else is doing because it’s cool or sexy or some other adjective along those lines.  I have tried all that, and it’s exhausting.

Lauren’s Instant gratification: Do my own thang!

It’s a little general, sure. I’ll give ya that. But it’s the essence of the bigger picture. Basically, do what makes you happy.

It’s one of those things that seems easier said than done, but it truly isn’t. Once you get the hang of making yourself happy and ignoring the stuff that doesn’t, you’ll know. It suddenly clicks. Trust me you WILL know right away but you do have to try.

Touch the paint. Try the food. Do that thing you shouldn’t do.

I dare you.

Instant Gratification




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About the Author: Lauren Harper is an L.A. woman with East Coast blood. Born in Greenwich, Connecticut, she is an actress and writer residing in the heart of Hollywood, California. Lauren graduated from Penn State University with a B.A. in journalism and a minor in French and Francophone Studies. Fast forward to 2012, she has continued to work, successfully carving a niche for herself in the entertainment industry. Lauren is excited to contribute to Happiness Series with Lights, Camera…Happiness and her interview series, Lights, Camera…Interview. Lauren hopes to further enlighten herself and you with each entry. Find out more about Lauren Harper | Twitter: @TheLaurenHarper | Official Site: | e-mail: [email protected]

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