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Horoscopes for April 11-17

By Bob Mulligan

From April 11th through the 17th faith in ourselves prompts us to take bold steps in the area of relationships.  Rapid isolation of key factors and focused conversations is the tonic that allows healing. Lots of people are on the move and powerful change is afoot.

11th – Monday – Venus Contra-parallel Jupiter, Mercury Semi-sextile Venus, Mars Square Pluto, Mercury Conjunct Jupiter – Anger and overindulgence can distract us; this is an abundant and fortunate day.  Violent impulses can be channeled into creative activity but it requires effort. Think big and then act.

12th – Tuesday – Sun Parallel Mercury – The world is caught up in drama but good news can boost our spirits.  We work along lines of self affirmation and personal levels of confidence prompt us to reach a new pinnacle of achievement.

13th – Wednesday – Mars Contra-parallel Saturn – Our timing can be easily thrown off course. Make sure details are being handled appropriately and that you are dealing effectively with your key responsibilities.

14th – Thursday – Our time is best spent taking inventory of everything we have and everything we are given to do.  We should spend time prioritizing; in order to move forward we must deal effectively with a vast array of details.

15th – Friday – Mercury Semi-square Neptune – We can act or speak impulsively and miss some important points.  Our emotional impressions may not agree with the fact at hand.  Listen to others and integrate several opinions before acting and you will save time in the long run.

16th – Saturday – Venus Contra-parallel Mars, Mercury Parallel Jupiter – It would be good if we can explain ourselves to our partners; still we have a perspective and we know what we must do. Others may not understand our actions but we can treat everyone with respect.

17th – Sunday – The Full Moon is at 10:45 PM EDT – We find others are important in our lives, even as we push to reach some conclusion on our own projects.  We let go of some things in order to achieve harmony with others.



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About the Author: Bob Mulligan, an astrologer with clients and students all over the world, is a celebrated astrologer, since 1974. Bob sees clients and operates THE MASTERY OF ASTROLOGY™ correspondence school. Both his chart interpretation program INDRA, and book, “BETWEEN ASTROLOGERS AND CLIENTS” receive praises. He is available for personal appointments, astrology classes, and astrological material. Call him at 239-261-2840 or by e-mail [email protected] Visit his web site, Bob writes an astrological forecast for the day, week, and month for Happiness Series.

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