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Horoscope for the 1st weekend of April – New Moon this Sunday!

By Bob Mulligan

From April 1st through the 3rd we are making plans to build something new and important in our lives. Devotion to a cause gives us extra strength and insight.  We are powerfully motivated to manifest our goals.

1st – Friday – Mars Semi-sextile Neptune, Mars enters Aries – Passions are strong and we are motivated to push an ideal.  Our impulses easily get the better of us; we may be thrown into action despite our mental reservations. Clarity and mental balance help us; the new energy is a blessing if we avoid acting out of anger.

2nd – Saturday – Venus Sextile Pluto, Sun Parallel Jupiter –

Nervous energy focuses on quick achievable goals.  The veneer is stripped away from life and we see what we really want.  Bold acts bring quick results.

3rd – Sunday – Mercury Semi-square Venus, the New Moon is at 10:33 AM EDT, Mars Conjunct Uranus, Sun Opposite Saturn – Our impulses and our common sense don’t always agree.  The wise person will use the conflict of the moment to understand the deeper needs of the situation and will go through a process of personal growth instead of just pushing against limitations or lashing out in anger.





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