Astrology 101

April 2011

By Bob Mulligan

April Constellations

During the course of April 2011 seven of the ten planetary bodies are in Aries. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is the place of all beginnings. This marks the time of spring, and this year our cycle of new beginnings is gigantic. Aries is the sign of self, and this month is potent with the attitude of self reliance, self will, and self initiative. Mars (god of war) enters Aries on the 1st. Mars breathes fire and energy into every project all month. Midway through the month Mars Opposes Saturn (god of limitation) who is sitting in his exaltation in Libra; this shows that our forward momentum will be stopped by circumstances of our own creation, unless we were smart enough to build consensus earlier in the month. Neptune enters Pisces (sign of his rulership) on the 4th, leading us into a 14 year cycle of emotional involvement in our ideals and values; this will be reflected everywhere in our common culture. Because it takes 165 years for Neptune to complete a cycle around the Sun, he hasn’t been in this spot since just after his discovery in 1846. We are in a transition to the idealistic and romantic cycle of culture which will dominate every aspect of collective expression until 2025. Mercury Retrogrades all month until the 23rd. We have the chance to go back and edit our thoughts; if we are smart now, we will slow our forward progress and correct past errors. This is an exciting month of weaving between independent action and radically altering key relationships.

The New Moon on April 3rd at 10:33 AM EDT ushers in a month of confrontation between what we personally want and what others need. This promises to be one of the most interesting yet most volcanic months this year. There will be lots of upheaval in the world and everyone will feel the urgency to get on with personal issues. This lunar chart has eight planets in Cardinal (initiating) signs. Mercury (planet of mental life) is Retrograde; this shows that we will be going over well trod ground with great fervor, assurance, and commitment. We change our minds, plans change suddenly, circumstances shift, new opportunities emerge; promises that we depended on and were guaranteed suddenly disappear. We will have the distinct feeling all month that even we don’t know what we will be doing from moment to moment. We live on the edge of expectancy and urgency. This is one very exciting month.

The Full Moon on April 17th at 10:45 PM EDT emphasizes the need for adjustment of the masculine and feminine impulses in all of us; the Sun in Aries (masculine assertion energy) opposes the Moon in Libra (feminine balance point). We reach the limits of our ability to expand through self assertion as Mars (god of war) Opposes Saturn (lord of karma). We have a prime opportunity to revisit past mistakes and to take responsibility for the things that haven’t worked out as planned. We can see the future and it is easy to determine what absolutely must change. If we start with ourselves, chances are we will be successful.

Sun enters Taurus on April 20th at 6:18 AM EDT showing that this will be a month of oscillation between rapid progresses and slow downs that will seem like stagnation. All through this solar month we will expect instantaneous advancement but will find frustrating barriers. Mercury (planet of thought) is Retrograde in Aries Opposing Saturn (lord of karma). Blaming others or looking for excuses will only derail us; the world is moving forward and we can salvage good relationships if we are able to act honestly and creatively. We will find our joy as well as accomplishment when we are able to stay in the mode of reinventing ourselves from day to day. Routine will lead to arguments; creative innovation leads to synergy.

The April Sky

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