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Annie Benjamin recently left ABC NEWS after a 32 year career as a TV DIRECTOR. Instead of saying that she retired, Annie prefers to say that she is following her heart and reinventing herself at 60… This summer she will be certified to teach yoga by Laughing Lotus NYC. In addition she has started practicing meditation with Vitalswitch. And most importantly, she is finding great joy and happiness in having time with her husband and family, traveling and finding a new inner peace and balance. Change can be scary but also immensely rewarding and expansive. Annie looks forward to sharing her journey with you all as she starts down this new path.



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About the Author: Ann Benjamin is a 30 year veteran of ABC NEWS where she was the director for programs such as World News, Nightline, 20/20, and major special events. In the fall of 2010 she followed her heart and left that world to pursue her dream of teaching yoga. In July 2011 she was certified by Laughing Lotus NYC. She now divides her time between her passion for yoga and those media projects which she finds interesting and rewarding. Check out her website at

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