Message from the Angelic Realm


“For in this time of the great healing –

Many are lost upon the lessons of the mind.
This is the way of these times; it is the culling of choice.
For those who see, see. For those who hear, hear.
Some take to voice in these times. Some take to the ear.
Some fill their hands with war.
Some fill their hands with silence.
Some fill their hands with nurturing.
For those who bend to the teachings of struggle, it is well.
For those who bend to teachings of ease, it is well.
For all who reside with the shadow of mind (earth) it is well.
Those who choose not, choose not.”
We may call today’s world a sh-t show 😉 yet the Angels call this “the timeframe of the great healing,” where what is important in the very nature of human beings is brought forward by folks who will bring to the masses big consciousness teachings, uplifting messages, loving and visible acts of transformation and kindness in their communities, and reminders that we, as a species, are connected in love.
These messages of “oneness” of a higher purpose, or the message of “hey, we are all taken care of and provided for, and we’ve got this” are floating out there for everyone to hear, yet some folks just don’t get those messages, or believe that they are true, because they’re too tied up in those old “recordings” of negative past experiences.
Their focus is on fearing what could happen in the future, based upon bad things that have happened in the past. 
The Angels also remind us that it’s okay if people are “stuck” in those old experiences, because they’re learning — otherwise, they’d unstick.
Just because someone continues to adhere to “struggle” as a teacher does not mean it’s a “bad” thing. We as human beings tend to assign value to “good” and “bad” lessons, and instead of simply holding a space for folks to struggle through until they “get it” we tend to want to “fix” them.
That’s human ego kicking in, rather than just going with the flow of how folks learn. Even a chrysalis in a cocoon has to struggle to build up it’s wings to be a butterfly after it “gets out.”
And some people’s journey, some people’s reason for being here, is to just simply struggle — that’s their lesson. That’s their big experience they wanted. That’s tough for we humans to understand, because we are a species of empaths that wish to reach out and help everyone. Yet not everyone wants to be helped.
One person’s version of “help” is another person’s version of “being forced.”
Many people are caught up in their own “stuff” during this time frame, both positive and negative, and evaluating their own illusions of the world we all create in our own image in order to understand it, and this is causing others to believe that “everything” is “going to hell” when that’s only a perception of a few folks with a lot of reach — say, media professionals, who have the mic.
Right now in this time of healing, people are deciding whether or not they want to believe every sensationalist headline, whether or not they believe every message passed around social media, whether they want to be caught up in the mass shared fear consciousness which teaches us about how little belief we’re willing to “let out there” in the world — or whether we could be applying our gifts in the community and creating a paradise on earth.
Both realities exist. Both are valid learning tools, say the Angels. To judge one way of learning over the other doesn’t really forward the ascension of the species.
In fact, it is in trying NOT to judge one another’s learning preference, that we grow at this healing time. And that’s rough for people, as we’ve been taught that judging one another is a form of discernment, or keeping ourselves safe. In fact, judging one another is the same energy as stagnant as it does not allow forward progress; it stops us in the process of evaluation, indefinitely.
Some people are going to want to rage right now. Others are going to want to build a beautiful world. The Angels remind us that it’s not necessary to get everybody on the same “team” as everyone’s lesson is different — it’s only important for us to place ourselves on the “team” that we feel most resonates with us.
In other words — conversion of others to our ideals is OUT. Doing your own thing, and standing in the gap for what you feel is the right thing, is IN.
And the over-arching message is that everything is right where it needs to be — that we are in a space of deciding what type of “world” we wish to project in front of us. And, many of us will live side by side in differing worlds for awhile, like someone living in a peace dimension while someone is living in a hell dimension, until the human consciousness catches up to the dominant love vibration.
Just BE who you are in the world and worry less about everyone else’s walk and lessons. Some people are just going to seem “crazy” or “ugly” or whatever, yet that doesn’t mean the WORLD is crazy, or ugly, or whatever.
By you bringing your own beautiful flair to the earth, the earth changes for the better. Leave judging behind. Take your amazing actions into the world. It’s in DOING, that all shifts toward peace.
Blessings to all!!

— Danielle #LeadWithLove #Ascension #Angels #Channeling #Transcend 


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About the Author: Danielle Egnew is a musician, actress, media personality, activist, and self-described psychic known in the areas of music, film, radio and television for both performing and producing in all four genres. Her website is



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