Astrology for March 2018

March is a month of transition from winter to spring, from shorter days longer ones, Pisces to Aries, from faith to action, from water to fire.  This is always a time of renewal, but this year it is particularly potent as we are in a mighty battle between the forces of joy and inclusion on one hand, and the forces of fear and division on the other.  There are many long distance influences (Pluto on his own South Node, the waning Square between Uranus and Pluto, etc.) that have laid the groundwork for change.  There will be an ironic foreshadowing of events this month that will manifest in May.  This is a time of faith in things unseen….at its worst that means many people in the general public will consume lies as if they were the truth and be willing to die for them…or even worse, be willing to kill for them.  On the other side are those who teach tolerance and work to uplift the human spirit.  We are all given the opportunity to help others by raising our own consciousness. Mercury turns Retrograde on the 22nd at 16 degrees and 54 minutes of Aries. Aries, being the first sign, is symbolic of initiation.  For the next three weeks, Mercury (god of thought and communication) will be backing up, providing us an opportunity to take a second look at things we have recently said and done.  Thoughts create our reality as “energy follows thought”.  We are all responsible for making our new world; we help ourselves and others by being particularly self observant now.  All month Mercury and Venus are doing a dance with each other; this gives an opportunity to unite the head and heart.  Also, Mercury keeps aligning with Neptune encouraging us to re-evaluate our highest vision of truth.


The Full Moon on March 1st is at 7:52 PM EST.  With Neptune in his own sign, Pisces, Conjunct the Sun and Opposite the Moon, we are more emotional than normal.  Mercury (ruler of the Moon’s sign, Virgo) is in Pisces Conjunct Venus (goddess of love) and Trine Jupiter in Scorpio; the inner river of emotions that binds us all is stronger and more conscious than we have experienced before.  Mars is Square this Conjunction and Trine Uranus showing immense potency as well as potential for violence as self justifying anger is easily released.  This starts a two week period of ignoring facts and embracing a larger vision of truth, or fantasy, as the case may be.
The New Moon is on March 17th at 9:11 AM EDT on 26 degrees 53 minutes of Pisces.  With this lunation Trine Jupiter (joy) and Square Mars (anger), we have an opportunity to either be part of the problem or part of the solution.  With the Mercury/Venus Conjunction Trining the North Node of the Moon in Leo, we are encouraged to express the best side of our nature even when everyone else is going in another direction.
The Spring Equinox (the Sun crosses into Aries) is on March 20th at 12:15 PM EDT.  This is the astrological new year, setting the tone for our annual cycle and more specifically, for the next three months.  The Moon in Taurus is in a Trine to Saturn.  The general mood of the public is aimed at obtaining stability.  With three planets in Earth signs and four in Fire, there is a heavy emphasis on utility; this is a pragmatic combination.  People are apt to go for what works, even if it is just for the short term.  Our actions have consequences.  With the Sun Square Mars (greed) and Saturn (fear) in Capricorn, markets and political situations can be quite turbulent. It is only through discipline and prudence that we can truly operate toward a higher purpose.
The Full Moon on March 31st is at 7:38 AM EDT on the 10th degree of Aries/Libra. We are ending some important project or aspect of our life.  The Full Moon between Aries and Libra always emphasizes the dynamic tension between our own desires and our wish to be connected to others.  Mars (self) and Venus (others) are in Earth signs and Trine each other.  This indicates that very productive steps can be taken now to cement our romantic relationships.  Cardinal signs are physically active; with five planets forming a Cardinal T-Square, we are destined to take some actual physical steps at this time to bring our lives into attunement with the changing circumstances. Action is required in order to stay balanced over the next two weeks.

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