Video: Feng Shui Your Way to Love


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    […] and love need to be […]

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    […] your words today to stand up for children -whether literal or figurative -- who may need your love and […]

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    […] want to help people. Don’t tell people what to do, but give them love and support. Give yourself love and support too. Give space to see, feel, and […]

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    […] you can’t do what you love, locate the love in committing to the task at hand […]

  5. […] From November 1st to the 4th we spend time shoring up our love life.  People (as well as principles and ideals) we love, need extra attention.  Both […]

  6. […] December 17th to the 23rd giving and receiving love is the dominant theme. Taking in a live performance will lighten everyone’s sprits.  […]

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