Weekly Forecast March 10-16

From March 10th to the 16th with some effort we can advance an important cause while straightening out some long misunderstandings.  Relationships both old and new play a key role in helping us reach new self awareness.

10th – Monday – Sun Contra-parallel Uranus – Confidence and abrupt interruptions can jar us loose from our predetermined path. Be willing to explore new possibilities and life can take on a whole new meaning.

11th – Tuesday – Mercury Square Saturn – Thoughts can be confusing and conflicted as we may feel caught between irrational ideas and worn out familiar habits. Discipline is good but we need to apply our skills in a new direction if we wish to grow in spirit.

12th – Wednesday – Venus Semi-sextile Neptune – We are overwhelmed with creative ideas and at the same time stumble in finding a method for implementing them. Throwing caution aside can be liberating. Public approval is no gauge of higher truth.

13th – Thursday – Mercury Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Sun Trine Saturn – We may lack the ability to explain our actions to others. Going forward with real commitment and contentment can make this a most productive time.

14th – Friday – Mercury Semi-square Uranus, Mercury Trine Mars – There are so many choices and opportunities today. We must commit to one course of action or suffer from nervous tension that doesn’t carry us forward at all.

15th – Saturday –Concentrating on details and practicing mindfulness can help us maintain a presence and purpose in a world of change.

16th – Sunday – Mercury Semi-square Pluto, the Full Moon is at 1:09 PM EDT on the 26th degree of Pisces/Virgo, Sun is Quincunx Mars – Now is the time to sacrifice unproductive ideas and to free up energy and time to follow your new adventure. Be pleasant with people who hold a different point of view and practice detachment.





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