The 5K Report

Running the Race… A Poem

Courtney running her 5K

Today was the day, my first ever 5K. I thought it would be hard, but it was just play.

Alarm set early, I rose from my bed, to think of my goals and to prepare my head.

3 miles loomed in front of me, along with many people for my eye to see.

I began my stride and found my pace. Eyes on the prize to finish the race.

A hill sprang up and it was tough! My body started saying it had enough.

But my brain said no! These thoughts shall pass, if you give up now, this race will be your last.

One foot in front and the other to follow. I’m strong and I’m trained, I’m not here to wallow.

I rounded the corner and saw the line. My friends cheered and yelled, you’re doing just fine!

My first race is done, thanks for your support. And that is the news from the 5K report!


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About the Author: Courtney Abrams is a Health Coach and Founder of Roslyn Wellness. Trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she helps clients work within the realities of their day to day lives to find ways to make small and manageable changes to their health that can maintained over time. Her clients include people trying to lose weight, beat sugar, increase their energy, cook simple healthful food and reduce stress to name a few. She also shares a passion for food policy and educating people about the foods they are eating and the governmental role behind much of it. You can learn more about Courtney and Roslyn Wellness at

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