We Found the Fountain of Youth – Be Ageless Yoga Workshop in NYC


Be Ageless Yoga Workshop this April 12th in NYC at YogaWorks

AgeŸless: Never growing or appearing to grow old

What if someone told you the fountain of youth is real?

Well, there’s no fountain, but there is yoga and the Ageless Diet™, which together can help you look and feel younger, or even better, ageless! You already know the health benefits of yoga and meditation, and you’ve probably seen pictures of smiling yogis at 90 years old standing on their heads. So how can you set yourself up for that kind of health and happiness for the rest of your life?

This workshop will be an introduction to a new age; a way of living that promotes an Ageless You. A way to eat, sleep and live that makes you feel good and look great. How you feel affects how you approach the world and your perspective directly affects your work, your relationships, your environment, and what you manifest in your life. This integrative approach to living is your opportunity to take your yoga off your mat and live your practice.

When you elevate one area of your life, you’ll find the others are naturally improved.

Padmini will start with an all levels vinyasa flow followed by yin yoga poses allowing your muscles and bones to move freely. Tania will share with you the 4 simple parts to the Ageless Diet so that you can make immediate changes in your life without wasting time or money. We will close with a meditation journey through the Chakras accompanied by chanting the bija mantras. These practices are designed to be easily incorporated into your daily life to support you as you discover that you are ageless.

Saturday, April 12th 2-4pm
Yogaworks Westside, 37 W. 65th Street, New York, NY 10023


Tania and Padmini share an enthusiasm for conscious living. With their collective studies Tania and Padmini bring a host of tools to help you realize your fullest potential.

Padmini Veronica Perretti is the founder of Maha Padma Yoga and her teaching is said to inspire the bhava, a sense of being with ease and devotion. She believes that yoga is a tool for living a happier life and the yoga asana practice is a simple way to come in contact with our true divine nature. Padmini, a true believer in the Ageless Diet, finds that it’s philosophies dovetail beautifully with a wholehearted yoga practice. You can read more about Padmini and her writing at mahapadmayoga.com.

Tania Van Pelt is the creator of the Ageless Diet™ and Happinessseries.com. She has been a lover of food since growing up in a vegetarian, macrobiotic household. Like most of us, Tania lost her way during her teen years and in college. She ate badly, partied too much, slept too little, and paid the price. It wasn’t until creating the Happiness Series that Tania really learned how to eat for an ageless body and mind. Since then, Tania has done an incredible amount of research and has honed the diet down to its essentials. Through anecdotal evidence and hard science, she has created a lifestyle that works for anyone who loves food and wants to feel ageless until the end of life. Because getting older shouldn’t mean aging.



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