Weekly Forecast March 4-10

From March 4th through the 10th is a great week for networking and building strong relationships. If we face any big challenges now it is trying to do too much; overreach can cause imbalance and the corrections can be a little tedious. Stay cheerful and you will help others.

Pluto bound spacecraft passes by Jupiter

4th – Monday – Sun Conjunct Mercury, Venus Square Jupiter, Mercury Parallel Mars – Enthusiasm is infectious and we can easily over-commit ourselves. Many of the ideas we entertain now are things we have worked on before; we can have a new approach to old problems.

5th – Tuesday – We must work at being able to put good ideas into practice. Friends can help us get clarity as we switch interest groups and start seeing the world in a new way.

6th – Wednesday – Venus Sextile Pluto, Venus Trine Saturn, Mercury Conjunct Venus – We have a big opportunity to straighten out important relationships. Clarity comes from a combination of fearlessness and calm. Tell others your feelings but be willing to really listen.

7th – Thursday – Mercury Trine Saturn, Mars Contra-parallel Uranus, Mercury Sextile Pluto, Mars Sesquiquadrate Saturn – There are several items we discharged from our lives a few weeks past and now we get a chance to revisit those decisions. Effort and personal adjustments are necessary, but the rewards are great.

8th – Friday – Saturn Sextile Pluto, Sun Parallel Mercury – A new foundation brings a new understanding. Luck comes but only with commitment to the tasks at hand. The big surprise is just how much we can actually accomplish.

9th – Saturday – Mercury Square Jupiter – We can see much more than we can materialize. It’s best to enjoy the happenings of the day without trying to translate them into instruction on living.  Entertainment can be uplifting and inspiring; take it for what it is worth.

10th – Sunday – Real creativity is found in a quiet space and is at our fingertips now. Meditation and relaxation can lay the groundwork for our deepest thoughts to emerge.



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