Weekly Forecast March 18-24

From March 18th through the 24th the energy picks up as many things are happening all at once. We must navigate between many different options. There are several “once in a lifetime” offerings but that doesn’t mean we should necessarily take them. We need to overcome any artificial sense of urgency; there is enough time for what must be done.

CGI IMAGE: MERCURY Magnetoshere. The magnetic field of Mercury is too weak to protect it from the full force of the sun. It has a magnetic field, which means that part of its core is molten. The Solar Wind buffets MercuryÕs thin atmosphere. In the process, it puts on a spectacular light show. Sodium atoms give off the yellow light. (Photo Credit: © Hive Studios)

18th – Monday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn – Sometimes the spark goes out of a budding romance. Do we run away or stay to learn about ourselves?  Effort brings closeness.

19th – Tuesday – Venus Contra-parallel Uranus, Mercury Semi-sextile Mars – A spontaneous change of both heart and mind adds sparkle to the day. Coordinating thoughts and actions will take a little work, but this is a worthwhile activity.

20th – Wednesday – Sun enters Aries, Venus Contra-parallel Mars – On the first day of spring our romantic feelings breathe life to the new world being born. We are caught between two attachments and we have to choose one situation over another. Put philosophy into practice.

21st – Thursday – Venus enters Aries – We are assertive and energetic when stating our opinions. Even though events are unfolding at lightning speed, there is no need to slow down.

22nd – Friday – Mars Parallel Uranus, Mars Conjunct Uranus, Sun Contra-parallel Venus – Forceful (even violent) events capture our imagination. Find a constructive outlet for the excess energy. Avoid arguments and get exercise.

23rd – Saturday – Jupiter Quincunx Saturn – We have some good ideas. Others will suggest ways to proceed. Test every thought that is meant to produce material results. Use this day to make practical adjustments in business.

24th – Sunday – Sun Semi-sextile Neptune – At every level we are being stretched; some of our values may need revision. We know what we believe but it’s time to see what is really producing the results we want in our lives.




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