Weekly Forecast April 1-7

From April 1st to the 7th we have many interests and an ever expanding horizon of opportunities. Still, the relevance of our lives all boils down to the composition and quality of relationships. Cultivate connections of importance even if they unfold slowly.

Orion Nebula. Image credit: NASA.com

1st – Monday – Sun Sextile Jupiter – Feeling positive and testing new information goes a long way towards building friendships.  Sharing time, ideas, and goodwill helps make the day better for everyone.

2nd – Tuesday – By concentrating on practical concerns we are able to feel productive and useful. We get to our own goals by helping others achieve theirs.

3rd – Wednesday – Work and play require different sets of attitudes and skills. We feel the need to be grounded in our daily routines but we are pulled by our social instincts.

4th – Thursday – Mercury Contra-parallel Mars – When we feel our need for independence is thwarted we can let others know through a liberal dose of anger. Our self-expression may not be conducive to building consensus. However, within boundaries, it is certainly good to shake things up a little.

5th – Friday – Mercury Semi-sextile Mars, Sun Contra-parallel Mercury, Mercury Contra-parallel Venus – Interpersonal differences can just be a reflection of our own internal conflict. Stretch! A few kind words and some common courtesy can help us find harmony and inner resolution.

6th – Saturday – Mars Semi-square Neptune, Venus Semi-square Neptune, Venus Conjunct Mars – Working to puncture illusions and preconceptions can put us on the road to genuine togetherness. We are in both a forceful and a romantic mood. Our ideals get a real workout.

7th – Sunday – It is easy to just drift and to feel at “loose ends”. We are most productive by focusing our attention on our long range goals and our enduring ideals.





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