March 2013

This whole month is dominated by the movement from Pisces (sign of universal consciousness) to Aries (sign of new beginnings). The Sun goes through this cycle every year. However, this year we haveNeptune (ruler of Pisces) and Mercury, Venus, Mars all making this change along with the Sun. This mass migration toAries finds all of these planets joiningUranus (lord of revolution). The message of the month is a strong voice for destruction of the traditional systems. We will see our most cherished beliefs challenged by the stark contrast between what we want and what is happening in the world at large. We are plunged into immediate activity without any preparation time. World events are “come as you are”. Saturn Sextiles Pluto on the 8th formalizing a central message that the year’s progress comes through a thorough and honest application of energy. This is significant because it shows us the way to bring profound change in our own lives. This powerful combination of Pluto and Saturn both Quincunx Jupiter (god of wisdom) gives us a chance to articulate these profound changes. On the world scene, we see how every national economy is woven into the fabric of every other. A confluence of separate events creates a series of cause and effect that creates a new international protocol for handling financial issues.  Enthusiasm for life keeps intensifying as Mercury goes Direct on the 17th. From here on to the end of the month the pace just accelerates.

Our New Moon occurs on March 11th at 2:52 PM at 21 degrees of Pisces.  With six planets in Pisces (sign of compassion) we are challenged to let our own past hurts and shortcomings just dissolve into the heart of God. To forgive ourselves and everyone else allows us to get on with the greater task of self mastery. The doorway to higher consciousness is open and all we have to do is turn around and walk through it. Every New and Full Moon is an important focusing of cosmic energy. This is always a very powerful time for meditation. However, this New Moon offers a real opportunity to reset our orientation and start over at a higher level. Set intentions and then proceed.

The Sun enters Aries March 20th at 6:02 AM EST giving us the beginning of spring. With the Sun Conjunct Mars and Uranus we have tremendous energy and explosive force going into this season of starting over. The Moon in her own sign Cancer becomes pivotal as she is Trining both Saturn and Neptune while Opposite Pluto. This is a combination showing tremendous emotional focus and the necessity to materialize deep change in our personal lives.  There will be much turbulence in the world but we are finding some long term resolutions to basic human needs.

We have a Full Moon on March 27th at 4:28 AM EST at 6 degrees of Aries/Libra. There is so much energy in this formation; we have the perfect opportunity to get rid of bad habits and let go of dysfunctional relationships. Mercury (god of communication) is Trine Saturn (lord of discipline) and Sextile Pluto (lord of the underworld). We have the ability to: see the problems, act on them, and to ask for help. Violence is merely a reflection of blocked energy. “Those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable.” – JFK




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