Book Review of Gibran’s “Thoughts & Meditations”

It’s that time again– Spring’s just around the corner! I’m always incredibly busy around this time of year, between cleaning out my closet, making delicious Happiness Series recipes for myself and my family, getting my taxes done, etc., that  it’s hard to find time to read for my wellness. But it’s important to not lose sight of what Spring signifies. Since being back on the East Coast, I’ve been restlessly awaiting the pleasant weather, but this upcoming season also represents a time of renewal, purity, a blank slate. I wanted to choose a read that mimicks the effects of Spring on my mind and soul.

During high school, I came across  Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet. Once I read it, I instantly knew that he would be one of my favourite writers. Unfortunately, as time has passed, I haven’t sought out to read anything else by Gibran. Until now, that is. I was able to get my hands on Kahlil Gibran’s Thoughts and Meditations, translated and edited by Anthony R. Ferris. This collection is perfect for those of you with a limited amount of time for uninterrupted reading. Thoughts and Meditations is compiled of short pieces of fiction, making it easy to pick up and read whenever you get a chance. And there’s no need to read it from start to finish. The second time I read it, I read it out of order, and I loved the freedom.

The convenient and carefree structure is not the only reason I recommend reading Thoughts and Meditations. Gibran’s style is a pleasure to read. Even though translated from Arabic to English, the writing is melodic and poetic. Gibran is truly an artist. Gibran masterfully puts spirituality, human emotion, philosophy, knowledge, and wisdom together by using words that seem to flow effortlessly. Some of the topics under review by the writer are love, loyalty, truth, Utopia, death, animals… to name a few. Even though it is not a lengthy book, the stories included are dense with creative metaphors and unique perspectives.

The ideas and sentiment found in Meditations should be read by all. I suggest this read to all my friends when they feel distressed, and need to be distracted from whatever is troubling them. The reason? This book contains stories of the pursuit of fulfillment– a wonderful distraction when you’ve hit a wall, and there’s encouragement to create your own personal story of soul satisfaction! It also contains stories that transport you to another time and place. The settings are enchanting, and they help encourage the expansion of your imagination. In short, the Lebanese writer lifts up the reader’s spirit without abandoning reason.

It is clear that Gibran writes for the “lovers of wisdom”, and if you follow his writing and his observations of human strife and success, you will enjoy his expansive writing. And, as I’d hoped, Thoughts and Meditations has prepared my mind for the arrival of Spring and motivated me to look around myself with wonder and refreshed eyes. This book has given me some time to relax my mind, think, and meditate.

I strongly advise owning your own copy.You can get this book on Amazon. I was lucky enough to find it at my local bookstore. Any way you can get it, you’ll definitely want to keep it for yourself so you can reread the whole book, or just your favorite passages. Currently, I am in the process of incorporating one of my favorite poems in the collection, “Perfection”, into a vision board! This book is so relevant, you just need to own it.



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About the Author: Kathryn Bratslavsky, originally from Moscow, Russia, moved to the States in 1990. She graduated from the University of Connecticut with a degree in English. Kathryn is an avid reader with a variety of favorite authors, like Gibran, Thoreau, Chekhov, Lahiri, Maupassant, Satrapi, and Tolstoy. Kathryn's mission is to provide Happiness Series visitors with an extensive compilation of HS worthy books. Her hope is that the recommended books will inspire and contribute to one's happiness.

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