Q & A with fitness contributor Rebecca Swenson

After reading last week’s interview, a lot of us were surprised to learn that Rebecca uses Weight Watchers and had issues with her body image – she’s so fit and gorgeous! She opened up to us about what her journey has been like, with her body, her health, and her work as a fitness instructor and yoga teacher. She’s definitely inspired us with her candor and passion!

Q: What made you start doing Weight Watchers ten years ago?

A: I’ve always had issues with weight.  I’ve always been fit, but never very “thin” by any means.  So, I thought I’d see if I could lose a few pounds… I ended up losing 40 pounds total.  It taught me the self-control I needed with food.  I had always worked out but did not necessarily know how much I could/should eat.  Turns out, with my body type, I have to be very careful how much I consume and what foods I eat. I’ve not  been naturally blessed, I have to work very hard.

Q: What were your body image issues and how did you shift your thinking about your body?

A: I grew up as the “bigger” kid.. .not fat, but just not a twig like all the other girls in my class.  The first time I tried Weight Watchers was with my mom when I was 16 – even then I never felt like I fit in.  Yoga has been the biggest impact on my image of myself… I’ve been able to be more focused on the things on the inside. It was the thing that made everything come together.

Q: It’s surprising that you, with your fit body, would have ever struggled with weight loss and body image issues. Can you tell us about what you went through? And how working out helps you with those issues?

A: Working out is part of everyday life for me now.  I know that it helps me stay centered and grounded and helps me deal with the rest of life.  I used to use eating to cope, cope with emotions and feelings, and in the end didn’t know what I was putting into my mouth.  It was like if I had a cookie everything would be better… well, now it’s if I run or workout everything will be better.  It’s been a life-long journey for sure, and one that I deal with every day.


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