Astrological Forecast for March 2012

March 2012

The month of March is really peculiar. There is a Grand Trine in earth signs (showing practicality) involving Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto. It is possible for great material progress; substantial advancement in tangible ways is open to us now. Still, tapping into the abundance of the month requires more than timing and luck; there is a real necessity to dig deep into ourselves and understand hidden aspects of our own nature. Saturn (lord of karma) is Retrograde (reexamining) at the end of Libra (sign of his exaltation); this serves as a boundary, defining what can and cannot be accomplished now. Mars (god of desire) is also Retrograde, restricting our forward momentum and asking us to look within. On the 12th, Mercury (lord of thought) turns Retrograde, emphasizing our need to slow down and take stock of where we have already been. With all this backward movement at the time of spring, time of new beginnings, it will be easy to get confused. We are preparing for a great leap in consciousness which requires us to see everything in life from a higher perspective.

The Full Moon on the 8th at 4:39 AM EST is in Pisces/Virgo.  Pisces (sign of timelessness) is strongly emphasized now with Neptune (ruler of Pisces) in its own sign; this shows our tenacity to hold on to our dreams. On the other hand, Mercury (ruler of Virgo) is in Aries (sign of immediacy) and Conjunct Uranus (god of infinite consciousness). The trick is toovercome some delusional ideas that have followed us unconsciously for many years, without discarding our higher vision of the truth. Some quick backtracking and diligent focusing on immediate basic needs carries us to solutions to problems right in front of us. However, fundamental difficulties remain unaffecteduntil we dig deeper into our hidden conflicts.

The Sun entering Aries on March 20th at 01:15 AM EDT shows the happenings for the next solar year with special emphasis on the next three months. With the Sun Conjunct Mercury (god of information) and Uranus (god of uniqueness) we can expect tremendous mental stimulation and quick and spontaneous changes of direction. With the Moon Conjunct Neptune (god of culture) and Opposing Mars (god of war), we can expect a showdown between our ideals and our basic needs. The bottom line is that we are in for a wild ride through many twists and turns as our emotional impulses pull in one direction while our mind vibrates to a different frequency. Getting back to basic principles that we have overlooked will help us achieve real harmony and balance.

The New Moon on the 22nd at 10:37 AM EDT suggests that we are on new, uncharted territory. Every New Moon is a chance to start over; we are ending something and beginning something. The New Moon in Aries is a chance to start over in a more fundamental manner because this is the beginning of the astrological year; this is spring. However, Mars (ruler of Aries) is in Virgo (sign of analysis) and Retrograde (going backwards). While we have great potency to move forward, we have to acknowledge where we have been and reexamine our lives. Mars in Virgo is attempting to perfect some aspect of our nature. However, Mars is Opposite and Contra-parallel Neptune (god of spiritual ideals) who is in his own sign of Pisces (sign of union). This clearly shows that our perfection can not be achieved by mere picking apart and self-criticism; it must come through inspiration and a higher vision of the truth. Retrograde Mercury (messenger of the gods) is Conjunct the New Moon which is also Conjunct Uranus (lord of infinite knowledge); this clearly shows that we are prompted to think in new ways in order to resolve our conflicts. Mercury and Mars are in mutual reception (in the sign of each other’s rulership); this shows that our new thoughts will find immediate application; we have the ability to change the current equation.


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