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Shoe Who-ahs, Beware…

By Zaira Zafra

I know some of you are shoe who-ahs. You may not sigh over a handbag but a hot pair of shoes will have you fainting and scrambling for your wallet (or your rent check).

I love shoes too. As I’ve gotten older, I have a greater appreciation for well made, aesthetically beautiful shoes. Perhaps it is my worldly fashion sense. Perhaps it is the exposure to fashion in other countries, as I’ve recently begun traveling. Perhaps it is the bunions I am now rocking. Whatever the reason, I would like to discuss some shoes that I’ve seen lately, and perhaps even wax poetic about feelings these shoes give me.

First up, the Dsquared2 Spring 2011 preview ($1015)

These remind me of Lucky Changs and Ruby Foos if they threw up some shoes. Or rather, like the Janet Jackson video for “Iif I Was Your Girl” threw up on some shoes. I just feel like it’s cheap geisha Chinese banquet hall shoes with some sequins. And for the price, let’s hope the heels are pure gold.

Fendi Cap Toe Mid Boot ($900)

WOOOO this shoe is Buster Brown! I can’t BELIEVE these are Fendi. First of all, I’m still trying to figure out what material they are (suede? canvas?). Second of all, what’s with the toe? But let’s pretend that the boot was made of brown leather, and the cap was a brown rubber, all of a sudden, perhaps the boot wouldn’t be so bad… so what’s with the Sesame Street 70s shoe laces all up in the place? And the boot tongue all up in your shin-piece? NAH SON. I mean, really, look at that shoe, long and hard. You don’t feel good about it, do you?

Light Up Shoes by Edmundo Castillo ($1650)

I kind of like these shoes or at least the idea of these shoes. Inspired by Tron: Legacy, I guess you plug these badboys up so they stay lit. They’re a little bit ho on the strip, a little bit futuristic stripper, a little bit Naomi from Mama’s Family. Remember Naomi?

Here’s Naomi:

And here be the shoes:

A lot of these new shoes are giving me fever, and it’s forcing me to take a Tylenol… I love the idea of the avant garde, new colors, styles and shapes, but what happened to also making the shoes not cheap looking or reworking classic shapes for sh*t shapes? Maybe I’m not much of a shoe who-ah after all…

Until next blog… this is Zaira. Take care, y’all!


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