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Beauty Retouch… Weird

By Zaira Zafra

I told you about the camera that adds makeup to your face, whitens your grill and makes you look better?

Well, here are some photos. You tell me what you think – the feature is called Beauty Retouch.

I will say honestly I think it’s scary and needless – I don’t like looking like a buster in my photos, but if I have butter teefuses, then I have butter teefuses and I should use Crest Whitening strips. Doing all of this on a camera just seems weird to me. If I’m not wearing makeup and I look a fright, then I just have to either not have my photo taken or suck it up and accept my monster face on film.

Mon-mon-mon-monster face, monmonmonsterface.

These girls all looked prettier as themselves, without the retouching.

These photos were taken from a post by Tobey Grumet about the Panasonic Lumix.



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