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Faking Flawless

By Rachel Hevesi

So, if you’re like me you hate what winter does to your mood, your energy level and your skin. I feel pasty and pale… dry patches of skin in odd places… red blotches on my face like I’ve just cried my eyes out watching “Love Actually” for the 50th time. It ain’t pretty what’s happening to my face this time of year. I have found that if I can get my skin looking really flawless, then I tend to feel a little less, well, flawed. I figured I’d give you the low down on my favorite go-to concealers that do the trick—at least for me!

A lot of women don’t really know much about concealer or what works best for them. I have inherited the unlucky dark under-eye circles, and I have struggled since I was a preteen to cover them up. I am happy to let you know that in the last year or so I’ve found some amazing products and can attest to their worth.

Let’s talk about the basics. For starters, generally you should be prepping your face with moisturizer, primer and foundation before you’ve even gotten to applying concealer. However, if you have raccoon eyes like me, you can also try putting some concealer on after primer and before foundation as an extra layer of coverage. Just be careful not to move it around too much when you apply foundation over it. In either case, you need the right tool. Invest in a good concealer brush – they are made from synthetic fibers because you’re working with a cream or liquid product. I am a big fan of MAC brushes 194 and 195 ( and Sigma brushes F70 or F75 (they also offer a larger one, F65, which could also be used for applying foundation in smaller areas, like around the nose –

Now that you’ve got the right brush, let’s talk products. Truth be told, if you peek in my cosmetics bag, you’ll find TheBalm’s Time Balm concealer (, and Eve Pearl’s dual salmon concealer ( Both are excellent. TheBalm is a bit thicker in consistency and a little goes a LONG way.

Eve Pearl’s product is salmon colored and helps those of us with serious dark circles by negating the bluish undertones. It is a lot creamier in consistency, and it is recommended that you apply it and then blend it in with a wet sponge. Now those are my personal favorites but there are some other great ones out there… Just today I stopped in at MAC and test ran a couple of their concealers and liked their Select Moisturecover ( and Studio Finish concealer with SPF ( Make Up Forever makes a Camouflage Cream Palette of 5 colors that also includes a green concealer that is great for covering up any redness (

I LOVE all of Tarte’s products. They make a Dark Circle Defense concealer ( that even comes with a brush for on the go touch ups. If you’re looking for something you can find at your local drugstore, there are some good alternatives to the pricier products. Maybelline’s Super Stay Concealer is a nice option (Walgreens), as is Cover Girl’s CG Smoothers Concealer/Corrector (Walgreens). Almay also works. They make a Line Smoothing Under Eye Concealer with SPF (CVS).

When applying concealer with a brush, dab the product on the area, trying not to drag it across like you’re painting it on which may end up looking streaky. Especially if you are covering up a blemish, a cool trick is to dot the product on the area bit by bit to give the most coverage. I have become a true believer in the Beauty Blender ( sponge, which I use to blend in the product once applied, however you can also use a wet cosmetic sponge and get a similar effect. Last step is to lightly dust the area with powder. This will set the concealer and give a smooth finish. Make Up Forever makes an amazing translucent powder but I also love Maybelline’s Dream Matte Powder.

It’s just one piece of the makeup puzzle but I guarantee when you conceal well and have a flawless complexion you will feel so much better about any other flaws that you can’t necessarily cover up with some well placed product!

Here’s to fighting off the elements and daring Mother Nature and her winter chill to mess with your flawless face! Be happy faking flawless!



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About the Author: Rachel Hevesi, ( of our beauty experts, is an accomplished make-up artist working in indie film in the New York area. After working in human resources in the corporate world for many years, Rachel made the decision to follow her creative instincts and pursue a career as a freelance makeup artist. Since completing the Professional Makeup Artistry program at Chic Studios NYC, she has been working with private clients, building her portfolio, and continuing to learn and play in the world of makeup artistry. She specializes in natural, day, evening, bridal and special occasion makeup application. Get Rachel’s tips from her Happiness Series blog “Makeup Tips & Trends”

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