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By Tony LeRoy

What then is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I wish to explain it to him who asks, I do not know. ~Saint Augustine

St. Augustine

Sometimes I get questions inquiring as to when certain things are going to happen. I will be the first to admit that timing is one of the hardest things to predict. I am not sure that I can get into the technical reasons as to why predicted timing works for some and not for others. I could say on some level it has to do with the whole idea of space and time…. Seeing yourself as both a particle and a wave…. Knowing when a certain vibration is attracted to another… Divine timing versus Earth time… Well, let’s just say there are many factors. I never know exactly why. After more than 19 years of doing this work, I have grown to trust in a few things. All good things come to those who wait… You don’t always get what you want – you get what you need… To everyday turn, turn, turn… etc.

During my sessions, one-on-one or group, the space we create together is an environment in which time is irrelevant. When we inquire about timing we may want to keep in mind that the spiritual realms are not on the same timeline as our earthly one. The way I see it, everything exists in the now. Yesterday and tomorrow skillfully blend with today. What is important is that the guidance, healing, and messages that are conveyed  help remind us that life is far more profound then what we perceive it to be. A reminder to you that your inner greatness is constantly at play. During a session, I endeavor to hold a mirror up to show you where you are and where you are going.

It’s entirely up to you what road you take. The long one or the short one. Each has unique benefits.

There are those who contact to me to say that the timing was spot on or that it all occurred sooner than either of us could have imagined. These individuals have something in common. They are going for it, diving into life. They are taking the courageous actions which helps to align them to their desires. They are going to the party when the want to stay home with the pint of Ben and Jerry’s. They are making the phone calls to the person they had a dream about. These are the people who ask for help when they know deep inside that they can’t do it alone. They know when to say no and when to live in the yes. They instinctively know the universe has their backs regardless what their fears are telling them.

How about you? Are you making room for timing to tick into place? Are you letting go of your ego’s need to control in order to let your higher self guide the ship?

All you have to do is align with your path and activate it.

It’s really easy. Here are some suggestions to get back in step with your divine timing.

* Meditate…I have a great CD if you would like a guided one. (Yup, that was a plug)

* Be an optimist…. move beyond your thoughts of how you think it is all going horribly wrong.

* Ask yourself – What else can I do to make way for things to move forward? What things have I forgotten?

* Make room in your life to be more.

* Take the risks and be original. You may have gotten stuck in someone else’s belief system.

* Create a support system or team.

* Make some time for some authentic fun!

Lastly, because Spring is in the air and I’m grateful for the change in season, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I am deeply grateful for you and all that you are. Together we are creating a world of infinite possibilities. Thank you for continually creating moments for LOVE, fun and joy. Thank you for simply being you. I am excited to see the world we will create together.

LOVE your way!


and BTW… Create a Beautiful Day!!!




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About the Author: Tony LeRoy ( is a psychic and life coach with over 17 years of experience, whose gifts have found their most resonant expression in what he calls “intuitive counseling.” Tony is a healer and a guide who works to help clients discover their own power to create their own life. Tony has been based in both New York and Los Angeles for several years. He’s interested in the work of healers like Marianne Williamson, Dan Millman and Caroline Myss. He feels a strong kinship to the deep spiritual investigation of Joseph Campbell and Andrew Harvey. Recently, he’s taken that spiritual investigation and healing quest further by offering workshops with people such as therapist and shamanic counselor Nancy Arann. Tony is often featured in Happiness Series videos sharing his insights, and he writes regularly for our site. Tony was recently a guest on Dr. Oz, guiding millions to open their hearts and tap into their own intuition.

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