One Little Thought

Now that New Year’s has come and gone, and New Year’s resolutions are a thing of the past, you may still be thinking: “What did I accomplish this past year? What am I gonna accomplish this year? What didn’t I change that I needed to? If only I had stuck to yadda ya..” And if you’re like me, I’m assuming you abandoned some of these thoughts, gave up, gave into despair. Stop that. Right now.

So you didn’t, so I didn’t, accomplish everything. So what! Are you going to give up? Sometimes, believe me, I want to. Like writing this blog–it’s hard for me. Writing is painful. I’m an Aries! Ask me to sit, write, and then rewrite?!? I’d rather be jogging. And I hate jogging! So what do we do? Thankfully over the years I’ve learned that any great accomplishment begins with a great positive thought. It’s up to me, you, us, then to put those positive thoughts to use.

First step is to be kind and patient with yourself. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, incorporate exercise and fitness into your routine, mend a relationship, start a romantic relationship, earn a degree, advance your career, you have to think patience. It’s so important to be patient with yourself. No one but you has to know how many months your positive thought has been sitting there. It’s your secret.

Next step is to believe in yourself and visualize the outcome you want. This will help you get motivated to keep on working towards what you want. You may not see results immediately. Consider this: what has ever lasted that was immediate? Well, maybe a few grey hairs but… So have a plan and a back up plan, and then another back up plan, have however many plans you need to keep you focused.

Last step is to put the positive thought to work. Make it your reality. Ask for help. If you don’t know where to begin, begin anyway, begin in the middle. Read, research, respond, and one day, maybe many days from your original thought it will all click. It will bring you satisfaciton. And it will all be from your one little thought.


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About the Author: Andrea Carrese ( is a psychic with over 20 years of experience, and her reputation as a gifted psychic counselor has brought her recognition around the country and abroad. Andrea is often a guest star on WPLR in Connecticut, as Psychic Andrea. She continues to enjoy a thriving practice in the greater New York area. She has a strong spiritual practice and is well-equipped to guide people through the vagaries of life. Follow her on twitter: @AndreaInsights (!/AndreaInsights)

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